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WOW so just WOW

WOW so just WOW

We did the 1 hour play test today from 12-1 and it wound up turning into a 8+ hour play test. I want to personally thank Rob, Zach, Chris, Josh, Doug and Az. You guys were GREAT. You all gave me some awesome ideas and helped me feel validated with Stuff the Universe. The constant compliments about the game were wonderful and the feedback you gave will help me close some gaps in the game.

Special thanks to Joey from The Only Game in Town, you let us have space during your grand re-opening, providing everyone with extra raffle tickets for those that play tested my game and having food to boot.

My fear of introducing my baby, Stuff the Universe, evaporated within the first play test. I don't think I could have done that without all of you.

Thank you!!!!


Congrats! I look forward to

Congrats! I look forward to seeing what you got on the 16th.


It's an awesome feeling, isn't it? Congratulations!!!

Keep riding that wave and crafting your game into the best it can be. :D


Thank you, I too look forward to seeing you. I hope I can help you as much as they helped me mate. :)


I think I was blushing all night due to the compliments that kept coming and the comments that they all wanted to buy a copy. It was not expected as I went in feeling apprehensive and worried that it would not be well received and it's my baby.

Thank you very much for the congratulations.

I don't know where exactly to go w/ modification right now, as most suggestions were just tweaks to the rule set (i.e. player aides), a minor change to a tile or so and an adjustment to time.

Want to jump up and down as this made me feel validated by the end of the night and still today.

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