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A card game

So, I'm thinking about a card game.

I have the basic design done, and I was playing a few early rounds with my 6yo a few months ago, until suddenly my "Darkness & Light" Kickstarter funded and I had to change priorities.

Our Gen Con 2019 Experience

We’re all back home now and trying to recover from 4 busy days of Gen Con. As in past years, this was a great show for us and you can read about our experience at

We include details about:

- The Game Crafter Community Social
- Our Board Game Candy Shop Booth
- The Game Crafter Community Game Night
- Our vendor table in the First Exposure Playtest Hall

For those of you who missed Gen Con and our Board Game Candy Shop, we are happy to announce that we will be running it at PAX Unplugged. :)

Cyber enthusiasts, my RSA 2020 submission: Humans, evolution of games, and how to teach cybersecurity to grandpa

Many information security professionals are often surprised by how little people outside the community (and in some cases, within the herd,) know about the space. With a little introspection, we may quickly see how we are part of the problem and what we can do to change things. The thing we tend to miss is that not everyone has the same technical literacy, however, a good fraction is reasonably smart enough to understand important concepts and almost everyone, loves to play!

1 Year and a horizon may be in reach.

It's been over a year since I've blogged. If you remember, I've been working on Dungeon Brawl for 5-6 years. FINALLY I got a big break. This year at SD Comic Con, I thumbed through the book for panels. I found a few interesting ones: Pitch panel and mentor panel.


-I've decided to use GameLand to manufacture my game. Because they are the only one's that continued forward with the quote process.
-I've decided against TGC because my game was almost $52 per unit. I can't think of anyone except hobby gamer's that would pay that price for a game, and I don't think any hobby gamer's will be buying my game. So I ordered one for promo purposes and its off to China.

Fun Stuff: Making Games with Kids

Kid's Game - Climby's Tree House

Today I brought some of my game-making supplies along on a visit with my family. I have two young twin nephews (age 6) and we sat down for a bit to make games together. Here are two of the results.


This is my nephew's version of the simple dice game Hungry Jack, which I had taught them on a previous visit. This version uses a single six-sided die, but it's otherwise a faithful rendition. Note that the number 4 spot is - in his words - the dead spot, and chips go there until the end of the game.


The Game Crafter is running its Board Game Candy Shop at Gen Con 2019! (booth 2555)

The Game Crafter - Gen Con 2019 - Board Game Candy Shop Booth

The Game Crafter is running its Board Game Candy Shop at Gen Con. It's in the same booth as last year (2555) and we'll have 300+ different game pieces for sale at just $.25/gram. Fill a full bag and get 50% off that price! Details and exhibit hall map at:

New Board Game Pieces - Citizens

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Citizens

We added a limited supply of Citizens to our Board Game Pieces Shop! There are 5 colors available and the 17mm Meeple was included in the photo for scale.

This is just a small collection of the 2,100 different board game pieces, game accessories, and game upgrades we have in our shop. Swing on by our website and check out everything we have to offer board game designers. Have a great day!

New Board Game Design Contest at The Game Crafter - Mint Tin Challenge

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Mint Tin Challenge

Got a few unruly kids at the restaurant while you wait for your order to arrive? Need a gaming experience that’s shorter, portable and way more durable than the others you are used to? Don’t know what to do with the downtime between heavy games at game night? Mint tin games are your answer!

Mint tin games learn quick, play fast, are portable and use highly durable, metal containers that easily fit in a pocket. Mint tin games are a unique take on the micro game theme and are perfect for gamers of all types!

Headhunter Campaign and Game Update

For those interested in our game Headhunter and the progression of our project:

We recently promoted our first product, Headhunter, through a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s an update on its status, plus some exciting news!

First, Headhunter will not fund on Kickstarter. We abandoned early on our pursuit of this because soon after our launch, we were contacted by a private investor who is now funding our base project. So, we have canceled our campaign.

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