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Triptych 13: Three Subjects in One Blog Post

• Games are not inherently nice
• The Supernatural as an explanation of history - Bad Idea
• Heavy dependence of Ancient and Medieval armies on their specific leader

[PnP Files Available] Maverick - Solo Strategy Card Game


Solo Strategy Card Game

The local townsfolk have hired you, a monster slayer, to clear a dungeon full of monsters that have been attacking the citizens.

Corona or Not - here we come!

Rambling about our experience:

We have been learning and working through the manufacturing process to complete our kickstarter game: Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History. Everything was going more or less according to plan, except for some unfortunate delays in November and December that did not allow our games to arrive in time for Christmas. Ok, well it was understandable and we were going to survive.

Collection of my designs

All games are mine - Jesse F.
For my Twin Eagle Graphics Independent Game Studio.

No games are published yet.

Knight's Adventure 1994-1996 (Knights Adventure has been added to my Dymino Monsters game as a location)

Quiet Terror 1999 - 2020

Typhoon Fighters 1999 version 1.0 now 2004 Dymino Monsters 2004 - 2020 version 2.0 of Typhoon Fighters

Connection Sections 2002
Connection Sections: Deluxe 2002

Muddy Flats Country Golf Card Game 2003

Travel Dice Baseball: August 6, 2006

Beat The Suits (Solitaire Game) 2006

Tornado Speed: Race A Go Go 2011

Crystal Heroes — New Preview of the Logo being worked on by my Artist

Here it is SO FAR... Almost completed too! The one on the LEFT is the NEW one and the one on the RIGHT was something that I made (yeah not as pretty for sure):


I just basically need a 5 x 5 inch @ 300 DPI hi-res version. One on a White Background and one on a Black Background...

But it looks WAY COOLER than the previous logo that I had made myself. If you've never worked with Artists, I'd really recommend it ...

Con of Champions: May 23-25 (Virtual Game Convention)

Tabletop Events - Con of Champions - Virtual Game Convention

Trapped at home and looking for some fun?! Come play or run some games at our virtual convention called Con of Champions on May 23-25.

Sign up to play games. Social distancing will be a lot less boring with all the new friends you’ll meet at Con of Champions.

We’ve already got a bunch of games up on the site, but there's always room for more. Use Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, Roll 20, Fantasy Grounds, Skype, Zoom, Discord or any other online platform to run your favorite games. Submit games you want to run!

Component Studio - Inline Images Tutorial Video

Learn how to use Component.Studio with Andrew Voigt.

Ever want to include an image in a text box? Now you can! Watch the video at to see how.

Check out all of the great tutorial videos on youtube at

One of those days...

So I figured I'd add a Blog entry ... about how LOST I am with "Monster Keep" (MK). Well in truth, several BGDF members helped me create some very interesting "monsters" ... my problem lies in how to prototype this game.

I'm looking at some OLDER "prototypes" and they are COOL (I must admit that I did design some "nice" concepts ... but they all failed).

I have a GOOD direction for MK now.

This means that I know exactly how the game is to be "played". My problem? It's figuring out how to DESIGN the next prototype for MK. Not sure as to the "graphic design" nature of the cards.

Triptych 12: Three subjects in one blog post

Triptych 12
Three subjects in one blog post

• Yomi vs minimaxing
• Changes in habits from Corona/Covid-19
• Solo and Co-op Games

Cardians | Solo Card Game


Your lands are under attack! Deploy cardians to protect various
locations against the intruders until they are defeated.

Cardians PnP Rules

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