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..back to the drawing board. Again.

I'm sure that all game design is like this, as well as many other creative endeavours. Start, stop, start, go back to the beginning....

We played through the latest iteration of Sky Pirates on the weekend, and while what is there is fairly solid now, the game feels too meandering and pointless. There are just too many things that the player can't control, and therefore too few meaningful decisions.

So I spend much of the weekend pondering what was wrong and how I could fix it, when I stumbled upon this google talk by Matt Leacock, the creator of Pandemic, on YouTube: Adds International Shipping

By popular demand we at TGC now have shipping options for the entire world. None are as inexpensive as we would like, but so many people were asking for it that we figured we had to do something. We will continue to look for more ways to make the shipping less expensive, including possibly opening a printing location in Europe in the future. For now, we hope this at least opens up TGC's services to more of you that made your voices so clear to us. Thanks for the feedback! publishes your games!

After a long development and testing cycle, is officially open for business today. TGC manufactures and sells games from any game designer.

City of Guilds - Update

Hi all

I've been very busy updating City of Guilds and now believe it is a lot closer to completion and a much better game. Big thanks to Frank Griese for some fantastic work playtesting for me over the last week or two, has been immensely useful.

I'm still looking for some more 3-4 player testing, but all in all it's very close now.

The updated rules, cards and board can be downloaded from:


Zombie City Rules

Recap of "Bridge Troll" Release Event

Bridge Troll - which was recently published by Z-Man Games - was designed by Alf Seegert (one of the members of the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah - of which I am a member) and the artist was Ryan Laukat (also a member of the BGDG). Since I'm the manager of Game Night Games, I organized a special "Release Party" for the game at the store that was held this past Saturday (July 4th). I posted a short recap of the event over on BGG. Here's the link:

game development

Is it necessary to have a game published? I want to create a game for dementia patients and offer it for sale on my web site. When I'm finished I'd like to get it copywrighted. Is this ok? And, finally, if I don't go through a publishing house, what steps do I take to get my idea manufactured? Thanks for your time in answering my questions.

Downfall: Crystal Souls

Grevlin Vulture

So I love board games because they give you the opportunity to sit around with friends and have real human interaction; whereas, video games are equivalence to texting. There is absolutely no human interaction, you can say and do what every you want with very little consequence or social awkwardness.

So looking for a board game with real depth I have ruefully found that most big and epic board games are full of filth. (Filth is defined as women fighting through dungeons wearing nigh to nothing.

Ogre Castle: Releasing July 1, 2009

We're please to blog that our first game, Ogre Castle, will be released on July 1st.

In Ogre Castle, three players become knights invading a castle in search of treasure, while a fourth player becomes the Ogre, owner of the castle and the treasure.


Can three knights plunder the gems from a monster's lair and escape with their lives?

Can one ogre defend his castle and protect his treasures from home invaders?

Magic spells, heated combat, and villainous treachery await you in this family board game of fantasy adventure.

Attn: Clever Mojo Games

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Please contact us through BGDF.


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