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GTS 2009: Wednesday – Swing batter-batter-batter, swing!

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7:30 PM on Wednesday, April 15th.

Meeting with Bucephalus was postponed from 11:30 AM to 6PM. although the pitch session at 6 PM went well (I pitched 15 games in 75 minutes, averaging exactly 5 minutes per game, with requests for five of them), I ended up missing out on a very special and unexpected dinner. Mike Hummel, a very old and dear friend, has appeared unexpectedly at the show, and I could have eaten dinner with him and some of his industry friends and associates if I'd finished by 6:30. It wasn't gonna happen, though.

GTS 2009: Tuesday – Meeting and greeting and eating...

7:00 on Wednesday, April 5th.
Since I can't get online, I'm typing up a little note to share with y'all (and myself) later.

Met Gameprinter. Good guy. Lots of fun to talk to. Just as reasonable and sensible in person as he is online.

GTS 2009: Pitching and selling games face-to-face with publishers

Okay. Tomorrow I leave Austin and head to Bally's hotel and casino for GTS 2009. ( I already have one solid appointment there to meet with a, "Sr. Director of Product Development," for 30 minutes to pitch games. I also have a semi-solid appointment with a, "VP of Development," to demo 5 games and quick-pitch 10 more. There's one more company that I hope to pitch a specific game to. After that, it's catch-as-catch-can.

'Potlatch' playthrough- a success, mostly.

Today I bit the bullet and wrote out a clean copy of the draft rules for my game 'Potlatch', hunted down or created all the bits needed, and set up a playthrough (like a playtest but way less polished and formal- think a hand-drawn gameboard and bits borrowed from 4 games).

100 Games in 100 Days: Introduction

Most of you don't know who I am. My name is Seth. I'm a newcomer here at BGDF; I've cruised around the forums and site for a few weeks now. I'm immensely interested in games, especially board games. I've created many games by myself and now I'm ready to open up to ideas a little more.


I'm new to this site, and I like the idea of having a place to throw ideas around, get feedback, and discuss obscure game things that most other folks really don't care about.

Someday I will complete a game

I'm back and getting used to the new site. I will have to work up the willpower to write a critique of the current GDS, maybe I will do that tonight.

Games I'm working on at least in my head.

Juggerthine War: A small wargame with a political component, Have a prototype board and some chits made.. Based on the juggerthine rebellion in the roman empire, A footnote conflict mostly except that it was the turning point in rome between an exclusively professional military of nobles to allowing the common man and rabble forces into the roman legion.

New to this town...

Hello fellow designers. I'm glad to have stumbled upon this blog/site and hope to add to the community. I am currently in the process of prototyping several of the systems for a game I am designing and am looking for some good crits and feedback. I'll take a look around a see what is about, then get some posts up. Lada!

Dream Game: Ideas, Concepts, and Brainstorming

The concept I have in mind is that of Geo-political strategy, military strategy, economic strategy... overall global strategy. I want this game to be all strategic in nature, where you are the leader of either a custom nation or a realistic nation.

In order to do this, there are should be atleast 3 manageable areas of focus: Politics, Economics, and Military.

The inspiration I have comes from games like:
Advance Wars (Tactical game for Nintendo Gameboy Advance and DS)
SuperPower 1 and 2 (PC games)
Geo-political simulator (PC Game)
Civilization (PC/Board game)

Baseship Command

Hi There,

Just launched an early release of
. To celebrate we played RuneBound all nite.
We love that board game.

I would love see designers make more kwel space board games.
Does any body remember freedom in the galaxy! There was a board game!

(can u take command?)

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