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Better Late Than Never

Last fall my game Poltergeist Paparazzi which I was hoping would come out in Oct got passed up. The publisher cut back on the number of titles it was producing and mine was one that was push way back on the production queue.

Galaxy's Edge - manufacturing (continued)


Just got some pictures of the wooden components from the manufacturer. They are making progress!

The next step is to receive samples of all game parts, approve them (hopefully :)), wire the first payment, and then the production starts.

We had to pay some extra fee for getting the samples manufactured (not included in the original negotiated price -- one lesson learned is to keep that in mind). I think going through the samples approval process is a must, however. Otherwise, you can not really be sure what you get. No pictures can tell you the whole story.

Begin at the Begining

Well here I am... It was suggested that I started using this site whilst over on BGG. i have two games that i suppose you could say I was currently still developing... number one is Foul Treachery at St Gertrude's which I call "an almost co-operative card game" in which the players of the game try to rout out the disloyal staff and pupils in the naughtiest school in England.

Galaxy's Edge machanic -- Bans

While we are still sorting out small contract details with the manufacturer, and I have nothing big to report, I thought I'd write a little about the design.

I'll start with an observation. The way I see it, your game you can have either:

a) minimal direct conflict. Examples include coperative games, and many Euros. Each player builds their own thing, and interaction comes in form of competition for resources, auctions etc. ; or, you can have

Have any spare card templates? Sample Card

I'm looking for anyone that would be interested in donating new or used card templates. My card game site ( has a feature that lets you auto-create images for your card games based on the text you've assigned to your cards.

I currently have only the single card template that I've attached to this post. My graphic design skills are limited, but I would really like to add several new card templates for game designers to choose from. If you happen to have any old templates lying around that you don't mind sharing, I'd love to take a look at them.

Things in Full Swing

  I Guess I need to introduce myself. Hi, I'm James, I'm working on a card game Rise of the Chieftain. (I'll include the spiel at the end of this entry.) Right now, I'd like to just share the excitement and bewilderment of this process. Yesterday, I had a very productive meeting with an Artist friend of mine. I wasn't expecting her to be so interested in the project. I didn't have to sell her on it at all! I spent most of the day today on the SBA website learning about business plans and taxes and market research.

Game Design and Submission Panel

I have been asked to be on a Panel at this years Bashcon held at the University of Toledo.

Alex Yeager of Mayfair Games, Uwe Eickert of Academy Games, and David Whitcher of Protospiel will talk about the process of game design, game submission, and easy fun ways for your design to be rejected (and a few tips on getting your design seen)!
Present your ticket at the door for a chance to win a prize!

I'm sure i was asked primarily because of my involvement with Protospiel rather than the plethora of block buster games to my credit. Even so it's an odd thing to be asked and I’m not much of a public speaker. Still i think i have enough experience to add something to group especially when it comes to helping new designers get past those oh so common misconceptions. On the other hand I can always help with the “easy fun ways for your design to be rejected” part since I have plenty of those to my credit.

Pub Games

I recently (read a couple of days ago) gave some serious thought to inventing a game to play in pubs, for drinks or coins, where the playing equipment was at hand. The game i came up with I'm calling The Notte Game as thats where i first played in yesturday; i wrote it up today.

The equipment used was a beer mat and 18 coins/ matchsticks, the players drink their playing piece.

When i say game i mean a tactical exercise, one player against the other, not calling out/ tossing coins etc - you know the ones. I know theres no money in it but it was fun.

Galaxy's Edge - manufacturing


As we are closing on a deal with a Chinese manufacturer to produce Galaxy's Edge, I thought I'd start a blog on that.

Here I intend to describe an experience of printing a game in China from start to finish -- I think this may be of interest to many on this forum. We are a very small company and GE is our second game to be published.

At this point of time, here is what already happened:

5 of a kind

As I seem to be getting the hang of this blogging (in a sense) I'll post again

I've just finished typing up my new card game. It evoloved from '5 dice'; guess what it's called - yep, 5 Card! why is nobody headhunting me from waddingtons?

Is that a swear word? Oh well!
As i asked earlier; any Brits on board?


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