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Galaxy's Edge - manufacturing: samples

The samples arrived last week.

Let's just say they were far from perfect :(. There were numerous defects - scratches, wrong assembly etc. I filled at least two pages writing back to the manufacturer.

It's a good thing we ordered samples. It would be a disaster if the final product was of this quality. This way, we have at least some sense of control.

Publisher PODs for creating cards and books

Hey Everyone,

Its Ken Whitman. Sorry I have been gone for a while, but now I am back to the industry. I now work for a marketing and sales company out of Elizabethtown Kentucky called Erikesn Services, LLC. We are focusing on a new concept called publishers PODS. As technology for Print on Demand keep’s evolving the prices keep dropping. And now you can start your own POD starting at $400 a month plus ink cost. If this sounds interesting keep reading.
Ken Whitman
Marketing Leasion
Eriksen Services

Publisher POD: Comic Store

Fixing Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry works as a game to give players the “Gambler's Thrill.” I don't know if that is an actual term, but it is one I herd someone use once and I like it. The problem with Sibling Rivalry is that it doesn't work as well as it could. In this article I will attempt to explain why this is so and purpose some possible changes to the game that will make it better. At the heart of this discussion is the nature of “The Gambler's Thrill” and what makes it tick. I hope that this can make not only this game, but the design of such games easier for others in the future.

A new take on mazes

You may be thinking mazes "so what I've navigated my way through millions of mazes". That may be the case, but you have never done it this way. I have posted a description of my game on board game geek, I am sorry I dont know how to post a link to it. If you want to check it out go to board game geek and look up ROLL DICE KILL MONSTERS HAVE FUN DUNGEON CRAWLER. Before you do go let me give you some reasons to go.

Those Pesky Humans

I posted my proto-type of my game over at Board Game Geek today for peer review and input...

Hope someone gets a chance to give me feedback!

Play testing

Does this forum support playtesting? I have two groups that are willing to play test the game I have created where I live but is there any forum for gathering people to play test on this site?

Galaxy's Edge - manufacturing: samples finished

GE finished samples (photo from manufacturer).jpg

The samples are finished and should be in the mail today. Here is a picture we got from the printer.

The Busy Board® both sides of the story.

The busy board is not a game and I am not a game designer. I post this very long story about the development of a visual educational tool for those who may be interested.

CR Deep-sixed

Game Design has been non-existent in my life for the past 5 months as I have been dealing with a personal crisis and my mind just hasn't been in it at all. I am finally posting again as I appear to be coming out of it. Coming from a new perspective, I realize it is time to put the idea of Castle Raiders to rest and move on. Over a 3 year period I probably changed the mechanics in the game at least 30 times, always dramatic changes too which never gave the game any type of focus. It never really wore the theme well (as Zman pointed out) no matter how much I tried to make it fit.

How many parts in the system?

I am doing some resurch about game systems and would like your help. It would be interesting to see how many objects are in many game systems. By "object", I mean object as the turm for the building blocks of all game systems. If you aren't familiar with that turm, objects are defined by there properties and together, when set in motion form the game system. Some example's are: the player, the game board, the pieces in chess, the dice.

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