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RFS Published

I received my copies of Rocks for $ale last night from Blue Panther. The official release is in November so there aren’t even pictures of it on their website. I don’t have pictures to post either but will do that as soon as I can.

(Note: Attach pictures)

RFS was originally a PnP game I did as an experiment to see how viable it would be to enter that market with board games. I knew that some PnP war games sold hundreds of copies a year and with the advantages of not needing to ship or warehouse product it seemed like it could be profitable.


I'm a new kid here, and I just looked at the bit where it tells me how many friends I have, and it said that I have 0 friends.

Perhaps I shall sit in the corner for a while.


Board game--- manufactury

hi everyone

Beijing Duocai Printing Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with about 28 million RMB of registered capital that is located in Beijing, China. We are specialized in printing and our main products are board games, puzzles, lenticular cards, UV printing, magazines and catalogues. We have passed ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, ISO 14000/14001 and OHASA 18001.

Final rules once again!

For the 100th time I think that I have finished my Noblemen game. Of course it is not officially done in my mind until I submit it to Hippodice. I have made a pact with myself not to “work” on the game after that, that the game will be done. In fact the most probable outcome of this submission is that I will have a done game and therefore happy.

Assemble! Part 4: Assembling

I spent an entire day today just making cards for the low-level encounters for this game. I scoured for pictures of the worst and the most pathetic Marvel has to offer.

I'm sick of looking at them.

But now the real fun begins! I get to do dozens of tedious test combats to see if the combat system:

A) Works
B) Is balanced
C) Is intuitive

After I've done a few tests I'll post what (I think) will be the final combat system here and even offer up some PDFs for play testing.

So very far to go until I can call this a game.

Alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader

Especially for large PDF game related files, I have found the Foxit Reader to be good alternative to Adobe Acrobat reader, if you want something that is a little less of a memory hog.

It can be found at:

Mechanic of the Day on hold...

Hello, fellow designers. Due to the need of a massive rewrite of my personal rulebook, I am going to put the Mechanic of the Day feature on hold until I get things in order. True, BGG and BGDF are on about a 15 day buffer, but even the time to re-format the posts is too time consuming. My apologies and thanks for your understanding.


Mechanic of the Day, 10.02.08 Line of Supply

Oh, I've been thinking of mecha-nics, all the live long da---y. I've been thinking of mecha-nics, just to throw some stuff your way... Can't you hear my gears a-turn-in, even so early in the morn; nowit's time for you to jo-in me, as you read this post.

Today's mechanic is lines of supply, be it militarily or rail road-ily. Line of supply typically is used to convey the simulation of the need of connectedness for your pieces to do their job, be it railroads, power lines, food wagons, whatever. Lets have a look at a few ways to do that, hm?

Castle Raiders Update

I received my game back recently from my playtesters in Orlando. Turns out they only playtested it once, but I got some good feedback. Their biggest concern was wanting to have a community action deck instead of individual action decks. Not wanting to lose the individuality of the different characters - I came up with an alternative plan that will also help to increase the interactivity of the game and give players more choices - the "follow" card. Basically a player can play a "follow" card once per 3 raids and gets to take an action of another action played.

Mechanic of the Day, 10.01.08 Spacial Relations

Lets get this underway with Spacial Relations.

No, not friendship in space. I mean utilizing space on the board and sides of pieces in novel ways. When used properly, a mechanic that might otherwise be fiddly actually has a good tactile feel and creates an emotional connection to the action. Which is what we want, right?

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