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Latest Noblemen rules

Here is the latest rules for Noblemen. I have added some pictures and started a page at the end for helping with confusion.

BGDF 3.0 Site underway

At this point BGDf 3.0 is will underway.

Some missing abilities such as PMs have been resolved. With some others such as Image Galleries still let to be resolved. I added in Markdown option so JC would be *happier*. The chat is running via an IRC, which should also make some member happier since they can use 3rd party IRC clients to interact with chat now.

What is left to do? SOOOO much! Need to start porting over content from the current site!

Test blog post #1

I'm testing out the new BGDF 3.0, and it seems pretty cool so far! Dave asked me to try out the blog feature, so here I am.

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