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Monster Keep — Sneak Preview of art-style

Here is ONE (1) Sample/Sneak Peek/Preview of the ART and ART-STYLE for "Monster Keep" (MK).

The Game Crafter Official Podcast - Episode 203: Randomness in Games

The Game Crafter - The Official Game Crafter Podcast with JT Smith and Jeff King

The Game Crafter Official Podcast - Episode 203: Randomness in Games with The Game Crafter - Did we just get lucky? Or was it completely random that we got a listener request? JT and Jeff discuss a listener request that ask; does everyone really hate randomness in games? JT and Jeff also cover a few ways to mitigate the randomness of dice and cards. Listen at

Roll n' Write: "WriteScape"

Jotting down some brief notes here on a roughed-out roll n' write I've developed in the past week or so. As opposed to an economic-based rnw, this is one of those map-making ones. At this point, it's a single-player game. I am wondering if there's a way to allow a multiplayer version, but that may come at a later time.

In a future update, I'll post photos/graphic elements.

Entry #1 Market Entry

Hello all. I was thinking about self publishing my first game as a digital download roll& write. This would cut down on costs and get my name out there.

I was thinking of putting out a simplified classic dungeon crawler with a twist. Getting points by posting your result to my twitter account or something to that effect. What do you think?

TradeWorlds: Master File Disaster (or so I call it)!

Well I received from Mike a FILE (.ZIP) which contained a bunch of files and a TON of cards. That was supposed to be the archive with the Master Files to be used to produce the files for the Manufacturer in China (this was 2 weeks ago).

Finalists in the Mint Tin Challenge have been chosen!

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Mint Tin Challenge

So the finalists in the Mint Tin Challenge at The Game Crafter have been chosen! In addition, our judges have created a detailed spreadsheet with feedback to all the contestants at

New Board Game Pieces - Large Dragons

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Large Dragons

We added Large Dragons to our Board Game Pieces Shop! They are 1.5″ tall, made of wood, and come in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. 17mm Meeple included for scale. Available

Changes to Templates for Folding Game Boards

The Game Crafter - News - Changes to Templates for Folding Game Boards

We’ve added a new black border in the templates for our Quad-Fold Game Board, Six-Fold Game Board, and Medium Six-Fold Game Board to represent the approximate area on the face of the game board where the black backing will be visible. We’ve also moved the blue dotted Safe Zone line in by about 2mm to better represent the actual area where your text and images will not be at risk of being cut off.

This change may impact your Folding Board images, please update your files as needed, to ensure they print accurately.

Choices should benefit multiple strategies

[Cross-posted from my blog]

Like many people, I enjoy Ticket to Ride – but the card-drafting mechanic has always fallen flat for me. Every turn, you may either draft two cards or play a set of matching cards to claim a route. While claiming a route scores points and advances your progress toward your secret objectives, drafting cards just feels like the chore you do in between the exciting route-claiming turns.

Review Request: "Coal N' Write"

RULES UPDATED TO VERSION 2. Thanks to the input so far!

I'm developing a roll n' write game currently called Coal n' Write for fun and contest submissions, and would love some feedback on my prototype components (well, worksheets) and rule set.

-About the Game-

This is a roll n' write game that takes about 20 to 25 minutes to play. It supports solo games as well as multiplayer competitions.

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