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BIG NEWS: Improved Game Boards at The Game Crafter!

We’ve made several updates to our quad and six-fold game boards. They are more durable and better assembled and printed than ever before. They also have several new options.

First, the global game UV / Linen surfacing options no longer apply to these boards.

Second, you can now specify whether the board should be printed Matte, Gloss, Linen, or Spot Gloss. The latter 3 have an up charge of $1.50 for quad folds, and $2.00 for six fold boards.

Mind = Blown

Okay, so I made a rough estimate of game weight, not including shipping box, and came up with 3.3 lbs. That seems like a lot. It's mostly the chipboard.

I'd already decided to go with 1.5mm chipboard for my big map tiles instead of 2mm.. that's by far the heaviest component.


Dice photo

Just some notes on my prototyping. has some great stuff, cheap. Free shipping over $20. I got plastic card stands there, plus blank dice. They also sell small wooden things like cubes and disks.

Some blank dice will take a Sharpie, but some won't, or it smudges over time. Get "paint markers" instead. They're cheap and work much better.

For life counters, go on Amazon and pick up a bag of bingo chips. Can also use bingo supply stores online. Not too expensive.

My tile/token solution was this chipboard:

Hastings 1066: How to make a board game that costs you a lot less (Microgames)

A Board Game that only Uses Cards, OR,
What Matters is Function, not Appearance OR
How to make a board game that costs you a lot less

My game Hastings 1066, about the famous battle where William of Normandy conquered England, is a board game in disguise. It functions as a board game, yet uses cards, with the result that it costs buyers a lot less than if a physical board were included. Yet I’m told by a publisher that wargamers don’t generally care for card games. I think I understand why, but the objections do not apply to Hastings 1066.

New miniatures available - Fighter, a Djinn, and a Warbeast Handler

New miniatures available! A Djinn, a fighter with a giant 2 handed great sword and a Warbeast handler. 3 fearsome enemies all awaiting their chance for battle. All available in The Game Crafter shop now at[category][0]=Minifigs

New Miniature Available - Barbarian with Axe

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Barbarian with Axe

New miniature added to our online game parts shop! This one is called "Barbarian with Axe" and it's available at

Combat Mechanics

The fundamentals of combat are this:

Each player has some health, basically between 6-16 depending on class and level. Not a ton. It's counted with bingo chips. Monsters, same. A typical basic monster has 2-4 health.

Each player is one of the four basic character classes (fighter, rogue, wizard, cleric). Each class has a weapon they use. That weapon is represented by a die, or sometimes two dice, which are custom. (Casters obviously have some spells, and the ones that are attack spells act like weapons here)

Heroes and Treasure

Well, I haven't ever tried to blog anything before, but hopefully I'll be able to post something useful here. I'll start with a game intro.

Heroes and Treasure is an FRPG/Boardgame mix aimed at young kids and their parents, who play asymmetrically. To borrow D&D terms, the kids are the players and the parent is the DM.

New miniatures available - Balefire Demon, Iron Golem, and Hydra

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Balefire Demon, Iron Golem, and Hydra

New miniatures available! This time we've added a Balefire Demon, Iron Golem and Hydra to The Game Crafter parts shop. Come see our ever growing collection of detailed miniatures at

New Game Pieces Available - Dragon Familiar

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Dragon Familiar

What self respecting wizard doesn’t have a dragon familiar. Get yours in The Game Crafter shop today and be sure to check back often as we’ll be releasing more and more metal minifigs in the coming days.

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