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First update:

Finally, I have cut out 108 squares of paper, placed them up against blank cards and slipped them into card protectors allowing me to see what the first deck of my game is going to look like. I even ran through a game mentally with the deck just to see what the flow would be like and how "mean" I made the Abyss deck. Here are some of my thoughts:

-- Being LEFT-HANDED sucks for cutting still. I have never mastered this skill in my nearly 40 years of life and I don't think I ever will!

Should a feasibility plan be created before the game

Should a feasibility plan be created before the game?

If you are serious about selling your pride and joy, then yes, and no. It depends but in all cases, a feasibility plan will be needed if you plan to produce the product.

Let me explain:

Let's say you have plans to create a deck building game. You have a great idea and you're really excited about it. Okay, now what?

People invent so many things and then they never get it to market. They spend hundreds of thousands on prototyping and development and learn that they should never have started the project in the first place.

From the UK Games Expo to Essen

It's been a while since my last update pertaining to the Chip Shop board game. After realising that board games isn't that lucrative of a business, it slipped down my priority list somewhat. I also had a lot of feedback from the UK Games Expo (thanks to Carrie and Tyler for running the booth for me) to process and that took time...

I am happy to now announce the release of what I will call, version 0.2 of Chip Shop, complete with a lot of changes.


Hi everyone! I am not sure what to do here. New to blogs etc..

I'll just say that after more than a year playing this mind game (Word-A-Holic)with family and friends I am as excited as the next board game designer. Both family members and numerous friends have encouraged me to launch this game as it will help everyone both with vocabulary and spelling skills.

If anyone could assist me with regards to where to from here, I'd be obliged.

Godfrey Bonavia.
Perth W.Australia.

Is an Ouija Board still considered a game board

The Ouija Board is a game used to contact the deceased. It was marketed as a game when it was first designed. Today, people have various feelings about it and whether it should be considered a game or something evil.

Tactical Dice Dexterity Game Prototype (Updated)

The objective of the game is to knock the point die off the board.
This will be a 2-4 player game (possible solo rules) and played in rounds.
Round consists of every player sliding 3-5 dice on the board to knock off the point die. The first person to knock the point die off 3 times wins.

The red dice in the picture will have a different setup.
The red arrows on Board V1.1 means the board can slide that direction.

Ideas, ideas, ideas!

Well I'm pretty new here so I'm trying to bring some order to the creative process of board game design to help me in designing games.

1st - I need to acquire knowledge of the complete subject.
- Seen a lot of Rahdo vids on YouTube to revisit the scene after a 35 to 40 year gap... things have changed a lot from the days of Kingmaker :)
- Purchased some of the best games (to my mind) and in the process of playing them many times. (Pandemic, Forbidden Desert, Roll for the Galaxy and Paperback)

Play Test - Live Dates/Times

I am going to be doing some play tests for STU. If you're in the areas or want to help it'd be greatly appreciated.

- Light/Medium Weight Family/Casual Game
- Exploration, Colonization, Extermination
- Space Themed
- 30-45 minute game

Version 5 of the game.

Date: October 1, 2016
Time: 12:00PM - 1:30PM
Location: The Only Game In Town
211 W Main St, Somerville, NJ 08876

Date: October 16, 2016
Event: The Unpublished Games Network - UnPub
Time: 2:30PM - 6:00PM
Location: Family Fun Hobbies
731 Highway 33 - Hamilton Square

TGC Testimonial Contest ends in 3 days! Winners get $100 in TGC shop credit

The Game Crafter - Testimonial Contest 2016

You only have 3.5 days left to submit your video for The Game Crafter’s Testimonial Contest! Videos must be submitted by 11:59pm (central time) on Thursday, September 15th.

The 3 winning videos will each receive $100 in TGC Shop credit. Videos will be shared on The Game Crafter site and social media channels. Please try to keep them to 2-3 minutes long.

The contest announcement is

The youtube video announcement is

Rolling the Dice on the Tabletop Revolution

The Game Crafter - Rolling the Dice on the Tabletop Revolution -

The Game Crafter was featured in this article on It’s about board games and the people who love and make them. We’d like to thank Matt Kim for including us in the article.

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