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New Contest at The Game Crafter - Proto ATL 2020 Contest

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Proto ATL 2020

The Game Crafter has partnered with Proto ATL 2020 to run a game design contest that will do final judging live at the convention. No limits on components, themes, or mechanics this time. Just a short time frame to design, a short playtime, and a small price. Details at

H&T: Arena, the Kickstarter Page

Not positive I can still share this in the same way, but my Kickstarter is "almost live". In around 2 weeks, I think.

It looks like this preview thing still works on the site.. if anyone cares or wants to tell me how awful the page is, feel free:

I haven't done the video yet, but it'll be in the same style as my previous two... which means I sit my youngest daughter down and let her talk. Probably needs a little more graphical content as well.

Voting Begins - TGC Staff Roll and Write Challenge

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - TGC Staff Roll and Write Challenge

Voting has begun for the 62 entries in the TGC Staff Roll & Write Challenge. Cast your vote and pick the semi-finalists at

The let-off Leap Year Flash Drive!

ONE DAY, 24 HOURS, ONLY! 18 FEBRUARY 2020: It's the let-off leap year flash drive!!!

18th February happens to be my birthday. 2020 also happens to be a leap year. $0 is typically what it costs to download and play my games. So I figure once every four years is good for an experiment like this.

For 24 hours, I will raise the minimum price of all my games posted on to $2. I’m inviting you and humbly requesting that you buy just one thing from me, once every four years.

Your generosity can gain you some other stuff, too. Here’s a breakdown:

Getting some new artwork

H&T Arena Box Sketch

I can probably edit this post as I go to include new artwork as it evolves.. Maybe nobody here cares, but I always like getting artwork :)

My game's box will 4" x 6" (or just slightly larger, to accommodate an A6 rule book). That's not a lot of space!

New Board Game Pieces - Pigs

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Pigs

We added 3 new pigs to our board game pieces shop! They come in Black and White, Brown, and Pink. We don’t know what kind of houses they live in, but we know they work great for farming or resource management games. :)

Improved Linen Texture

The Game Crafter - Improved Linen Texture

We have improved our linen texture! It's now much more detailed & defined. There is no additional cost for this upgrade and it replaces the old linen texture going forward. All orders that include linen after 223450 will have the new texture. Learn more:


Window Pains 4p End

Window Pains 4 Player Edition

Window Pains 4P Setup

I'm glad to say the 4 player version looks great, and plays exactly the same (except with better pacing) as the 2 player game.

Boy are rules more tricky to write then I expected. I think I am too familiar with my game. Its such a small game that it only deserves one page of rules.

Here: have some pictures!

New Board Game Pieces - Goats

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Goats

We added Goats to our Board Game Pieces Shop! They come in 3 different colors and work well in farming or resource management games. Because our supplier sends us a random assortment, we don’t sell specific colors. When ordering, you’ll receive a random selection of these 3 colors. 17mm Meeple included for scale.

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