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A Card Game in its Infancy

I thought I would occasionally post my ideas and updates regarding the card game I've just started creating.

For this first update, I'll very simply give the rundown of how the game would theoretically go.

This is a two-player card game with simple dice combat. Both players will create a fleet of Vehicles, and equip those vehicles with various crew and technology. The goal of the game is to either destroy the opponents entire fleet, or destroy their base.


Okay, so I bit the bullet and started a Facebook page for my game.

Not quite as bad as I was expecting, though the whole social media marketing thing is just not in my wheelhouse. Having to constantly post updates, for example.


Facebook makes stuff pretty easy. I was pleasantly surprised that it was easy and obvious how to schedule posts for the future, so I can write up a couple of posts in the evening and have them appear at different times the next day. Makes this much more doable.

Adapting the traits of viral videos

I recently saw a series of videos about the business of viral videos, and was surprised that it was actually informative and analytical.

The videos were given from the point of view of getting someone started in producing viral videos for profit, but some of the lessons could be applicable to designing and marketing board games.

What to pursue?

  1. Write a list of all your ideas.
  2. Go through each item and evaluate it from 1 to 5 on three criteria:
    • How big is the audience?
    • How much do they care?
    • How passionate are you about this idea?

New Game Pieces - Assorted D6 Dice

We've got an assortment of D6 dice on sale at… and Limited supply and then they're gone.

New Game Piece Available at The Game Crafter - Treasure Chests!

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Treasure Chest

Treasure! Fill up this empty treasure chest with whatever your game players desire, close it up, and wait to see their faces when they finally reach it and feast on their haul. Get yours at


I thought I had this locked down, but then I really ran the numbers including shipping costs and all that, and now I'm not so sure.

Was thinking about a $49 price point, including shipping in the US (subsidized to ship elsewhere). $18k Kickstarter goal.

When you include handling costs, KS fees, and all that, with a 1000 unit minimum print run, I will lose money outright at $18k (350 units). That's not even including sunk costs like art and marketing. I'd have to sell about double that ($35k) to break even overall.

Finalists for Escape Room Challenge have been announced!

The Game Crafter - Escape Room Challenge - Board Game Design Contest

Finalists have been announced for the Escape Room Challenge at The Game Crafter. Here they are!

Mayan Escape

Casino Heist

Conundrum: Candy Factory

Trapped! Bermuda Triangle

Access Denied!

Congratulations to all of the finalists and good luck on the final round! :)

Unboxing: Small Stout Box (featuring Four Tribes)

The Game Crafter - Small Stout Box - Print on Demand game box that's 70pt chipboard and ready for retail shelves.

Our very own Tavis Parker (@tavisparker) did this unboxing video to show off our new Small Stout Box. The game featured in the video is "Four Tribes" by Jason Glover @ Grey Gnome Games and the box (and game) are gorgeous!

Watch the unboxing video on youtube at

Learn more about the Small Stout Box at

Four Tribes is available in The Game Crafter shop at

New game pieces at The Game Crafter: 8mm metal cubes in gold, silver, and bronze colors

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - 8mm metal cubes in gold, silver, and bronze colors.

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce the release of 3 new 8mm solid metal cubes. They come in 3 colors (Gold, Silver and Bronze) and are available right now at

New Super Strong Game Boxes at The Game Crafter

It has been a BIG week of new product releases and today is our last one in this batch. To recap, we released the following:

Tuesday: Embedded Games
Wednesday: Booster Packs & Booster Boxes
Thursday: Full Color Printed D6 Dice
Friday: Custom Rubberized Game Mats
Saturday: Strip Chits (3″ x 1″)
Sunday: Today - Watch the video on youtube below for the big product reveal!

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