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New Contest at The Game Crafter - TURKEY DAY GIVEAWAY

The Game Crafter - Giveaway - TURKEY DAY GIVEAWAY 2018

It’s almost Thanksgiving in the USA and we wanted to host another giveaway to show how thankful we are for our awesome community of 200,000 board game designers and gamers. We have some great prizes lined up. Check out the contest page at to learn more about the prizes and how you can earn entries.

BIG NEWS: Make 100% Custom Plastic Game Pieces at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Custom Acrylic Shapes - Custom Plastic Game Pieces at The Game Crafter

Welcome to the fourth epoch of The Game Crafter: entirely custom game pieces!

For a while now we’ve allowed you to make custom punchouts, stickers, cards, and other printable components all to your exact specifications. For the first time we can now do that with plastic game pieces.

Playtesters for a family board game.

Hi I am looking for playtesters (a family) to test a family board game. Prototypes are currently being printed and will be ready in a few weeks. I would prefer players in the UK or near europe merely to save on postage costs.



Winner Announced in the Phase Shift Dimensions Challenge!

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Phase Shift Dimensions Challenge

We have a winner for the Phase Shift Dimensions Challenge!

We had an absolute blast playing the finalist’s games. Each one was so fundamentally different, which was kinda the point of the contest. Well done to all who entered, and especially to these finalists!

First, our thoughts on each of the finalist entries:

Codename: Hunter:

Monster Keep — Re-vamping an old design

My latest artist has finished the NEW Logo for "Monster Keep". I love the new logo... I think it looks pretty cool! I think Madison did a wonderful job in bringing to life a "mock-up" that I had designed. Although she has a real busy schedule, I am hoping to sign her for the remainder of the artwork for the game...!

Some format issues:

  1. 15 Card Booster which includes everything (besides 1d6) to play.

  2. 2 Boosters for two-player game play...


New Board Game Pieces: Sci-Fi Wall, Closed Sci-Fi Bulkhead, and Damaged Sci-Fi Wall

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces: Sci-Fi Wall, Closed Sci-Fi Bulkhead, and Damaged Sci-Fi Wall

Check out these new Sci-Fi themed pieces of game terrain. Super thematic for your RPGs and board games! We have a Sci-Fi Wall, Closed Sci-Fi Bulkhead, and Damaged Sci-Fi Wall. (We included a 17mm Meeple for scale and a Tech Barricade for comparison)

Available at:

My First Sellsheet

Book of Villainy Sellsheet v1

I needed to create a sellsheet for a contest I'm entering. I looked on the League of Gamemakers site for some solid examples, and did my best to replicate what I felt worked in the sellsheets I liked.

Here's a link to my sellsheet in case the image upload doesn't work:

Heroes & Treasure: Arena

Nothing playtested yet, but I've started working on a future M:tG-style game for kids 6+. I have a simple, ugly deck of about 100 cards in NANDeck.

Only one color of mana, which comes from Crystal cards. You start with one of these automatically, and can play more down. At the start of your turn, each of these generates a crystal (but doesn't store them, so you effectively lose unused crystals at turn start). Similar to "tapping" from a mechanic standpoint, but much more visual. Game will ship with a bag of crystals.

New Board Game Pieces - Crystal Formation (6 colors)

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Crystal Formation

We added 6 colors of Crystal Formation to our board game pieces shop! These plastic pieces of game terrain really add some nice color and ambiance to your RPG or board games. Available at

New Board Game Pieces - Sandbag Pile

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Sandbag Piles (3 types available)

We added 3 new types of Sandbag Pile to our Board Game Pieces Shop. They are made of plastic and serve as excellent pieces of terrain for your RPG, war games, or boardgames. We now have over 32 types of game terrain available.

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