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Game Boy Geek

I just finished up working with Dan the Game Boy Geek. He did 2 video's for me. Let me know if you guys like Dan's style. Dan was great to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone. If you may be doing something like this for your game, or are interested in what it cost feel free to PM me and I'll give you the details. Let me know what you think about the videos!!

Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

Ladies & Gentleman, friends, and people of the BGDF

I introduce the annual 2020 $100 Amazon gift card "Guess how many games we sell" give away, brought to you by Holiday Fever A Family Tradition.

Rules: Be the closest player to guess the total number of Holiday Fever games sold for 2020, and post it right here on this Blog. End date Jan 05th 2021.

If I remember correctly we did 252 games for 2019.

Note: Due to the pandemic we won't be doing any Holiday Bazaars which accounted for about 50 games last year.

3 games have already been sold

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

Game #7/12 - Hand2Hand - fight off a horde of armed thugs using your martial art skills

H2H - screenie


An 18 card co-op game for 1-2 players about fighting off an armed gang of thugs using just your martial art skills.

Files for playing:


Additional resources needed:
1 D6
5 Cubes (1 for progress tracker, 2/player for actions)

Game play:
The game is played until either one player is hit by an enemy (they lose), or the players knock out 18 enemies (the player’s win).

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — 2nd Edition : Design under review

I made some correction to the "Raid" cards, specifically now the ICON used is a "Demon Head". This now gives you the "bad-karma" feelings you would get when the opponent plays such a card AGAINST you. Much more "nastier"-looking now! (LOL)

Simply the WRONG size!

Well I received my Rulebook for "Crystal Heroes" (CH) this week... And for one thing, size matters! I chose the smaller format 3.5" x 5.0", thinking it would be sufficient enough for players to refer to the rules or read them for the very 1st time.

That MEDIUM format is simply put: WAY TOO SMALL!

I have a hard time reading my OWN rulebook, let alone allow this format to be used by my Backers (and players)...

Never Give In dev diary #3


OK so blog #3, in which I go through the more developed version of the game - v0.2.1 - and a variant which used the same rules but had a different scenario - v0.2.2

The development story of v0.2.1 and v0.2.2 follows a classic narrative possibly similar to The Empire Strikes Back: setting the scene and initial adventure, a series of setbacks in which our heroes reach an emotional lowpoint, and then finishing with a glimmer of hope for the future.

So to recap the game concept, it's a 3 player co-op space fleet combat game in which each player takes on a specific role.

New design: Syndicate.North

I haven't blogged in a while. I've been mostly involved with the administration of the website and contributing to other threads by offering comments with things to consider or reflect upon...

I know this is a Board Game forum... But like some of our designers... I too am looking to diversify my portfolio.

As such I'm learning Video Game Design.

About 4 years ago, I bought a $75 professional license for a game development suite. I left it there and didn't touch anything.

Games at my Day Job

I've been a game design tinker for much of my adult life. Very recently, I finally acknowledged that at least a large part of my day job and how I make a living is in making games.

As of this writing, I'm at the start of my first vacation since late December, and I took the opportunity to reflect at least a little bit on my creative (and as it happens, professional) output over the past several months.

Game #6/12 - The Skurge - escape from an unstoppable enemy, rescuing what you can on the way


The Skurge

An 18 card Euro-style adventure game for 2 players about racing home from an unstoppable enemy.

OFFICER: “Captain! What’s that?”
CAPTAIN: “Dear God! Something’s torn that planet in half!”
OFFICER: “We’re taking damage from the debris.”
CAPTAIN: “Take evasive manoeuvres!”
OFFICER: “I’m picking up multiple life forms spawning from the epicentre.”
CAPTAIN: “That’s the Skurge! A self replicating biological nightmare destined to consume every other living entity! We need to get to Earth and warn them. There’s a jump gate 5 systems away; set a course!”

Triptych 14 Three Subjects in One Blog Post

Three Subjects in One Blog Post

• Consequence and Reward in Games
• Chinese Britannia
• Ignoring History OR Can you function if you try not to offend anyone?

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