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The Landlord's Game ® - 1906 Replica Limited Edition Set - NOW FOR SALE!

The Landlord's Game ® - 1906 replica game in play

I am happy to announce that yourPlay™ (Thomas Forsyth) is now taking orders for and shipping monopoly's predecessor game from 1906, The Landlord's Game. This is a full game replica with only a few minor production tweaks and the closest you will ever get to the original. Included is a replica made from an original game set including board, the first time release of the original 60 cards including all original text, fonts, and layout, four dice and wooden dice cups, houses, money, game box. This has been a long labor of love. It is a beautiful set. Below is the order information. - Tom

New Board Game Pieces - Wood Pile

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Wood Pile

We added this Wood Pile to our Board Game Pieces Shop! These tokens are made of wood and are a great fit for resource management games. 17mm Meeple included for scale. Available at

The Aurora Borealis - Fan Expansion for Spirits of the Wild

Welcome to the voyage,

I want to share my observations on the design process thus far for The Aurora Borealis Fan Expansion.

I recently posted my (first ever) fan expansion design for Spirits of the Wild on BGG here:
This is in the "blind-playtesting" stages of the design process, version 1. Please let me know what you think!

I began the design process on 06-06-19 and posted version 1 on 09-06-19.

Here are some simple failures I made so far:

Monster Keep — Traps and Chaos gems

As you all know, I have decided to REMOVE the "symbols" off the cardbacks because I felt they were too "intrusive". The good news is that some Actions like "Soul Gaze" (1 AP) and "Bury Dead" (2 AP) can be done at any time.

However the "Traps" which require 2d6s and an 8 or higher to collect loot were still undecided (how would they be handled?!) Well I have good news that I have found a "simple" mechanic to make traps work.

5 Green Cubes are added to the Loot bag.

The 3D Platform - Rise Above The Second Dimension.

The 3D Platform is a device that was designed and created to be used with a variety of RPG and wargaming miniatures. The 3D Platform is a free standing tabletop display style device design to enhance and augment current RPG's and wargaming games; moreover, is design to create a multilevel, three dimensional, modular, gaming environment for users to manipulate and control; within full size games.

Protospiel Madison & 2 Tickets Left to Crafter Con!

The Game Crafter - Protospiel Madison - Board Game Design Event in Madison, Wisconsin

The country's best game design convention has come to Madison, Wisconsin on October 18-20. Welcome to Protospiel! Playtest your game with 100+ designers or enjoy other new board games & help shape them. Watch a quick promotional video for the event at

Get your badge at

New Board Game Pieces - Bust Tokens

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Bust Tokens

We added 4 types of Bust tokens to our Board Game Pieces Shop! These tokens are a silhouette of a figure from the shoulders up. There are two shapes available in both blue and green. We like these unique tokens and hope you do too! :) Available at

Component.Studio Tutorial: Rapid Card Creation

Mike Wokasch is a game designer, owner of Fairway 3 Games and a big fan of https://Component.Studio. In this detailed tutorial, Mike shows how to quickly create a deck of 108 cards in Component.Studio.

FUNDED! 48 Hours to Go!

Headhunter has Funded! and is sitting at 107%. We have now entered the final 48 hours! If you are interested in getting in on the action, now is the time :)

Thank you all for helping and supporting us!


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