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New Super Strong Game Boxes at The Game Crafter

It has been a BIG week of new product releases and today is our last one in this batch. To recap, we released the following:

Tuesday: Embedded Games
Wednesday: Booster Packs & Booster Boxes
Thursday: Full Color Printed D6 Dice
Friday: Custom Rubberized Game Mats
Saturday: Strip Chits (3″ x 1″)
Sunday: Today - Watch the video on youtube below for the big product reveal!

New Custom Printable Chit at The Game Crafter - Strip Chit (3" x 1")

The Game Crafter - Strip Chit - 3" x 1" Custom Printed Chipboard Chit

Good things come in small packages. Sometimes you just need a long thin chit, and the Strip Chit will suit that need perfectly!

Learn more at

More Photoshop

Heroes & Treasure, Player card for cleric

Well, I've been getting better at doing layout stuff in Photoshop (still GIMP, not actually Photoshop).

I did a mockup card (which I won't post here) in nanDECK. My artist made a nice frame for it (she also chose that font), and I spent a couple of hours making the attached image, plus three more on the same template. Think it was probably 2.5 hours total.

Kinda fun :)

Dungeon Brawl launches on Kickstarter!

Well, don't I have the shakes right now. I think I've done everything I could possibly do aside from throw money at everyone. The e-mails are going out and I'm already tired. I'm just worried I haven't created enough hype. I don't want a repeat of Tile Pile. How else am I going to advertise that I'm live and that this is a product you would want?

If anyone is interested in checking it out:

The Game Crafter now makes custom rubberized game mats!

The Game Crafter - print on demand custom rubberized game mats

The Game Crafter now makes print on demand custom rubberized game mats. Buy 1 mat or as many as you need. Details at

Watch the product announcement video on youtube at

Winner Announced for the Hook Box Challenge!

We’re pleased to announce that Mike Wokasch from Fairway 3 Games has won the Hook Box Challenge ( with his game, Cards of Olympus. See the game at

We’d like to thank all of our entrants! Daniel Grek, our judge, has left feedback for the finalists and it's available here:

Full Custom Printed D6 Dice for as low as $2 at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Full color custom printed D6 dice for $2 at The Game Crafter

You can now make full color custom printed dice for as low as $2 at The Game Crafter! Add custom artwork to each side of the die. Order in any quantity like all of our products. 1 or as many as you need. (Note: They are $2/each if you purchase 6 or more dice. Otherwise they are $5/each if you want less than 6 of them.)

Watch our official product announcement video on youtube at and then you can learn more at

The Game Crafter - Secrets Revealed! (and new releases for next 4 days)

The Game Crafter - Top Secret New Product Release Schedule has been leaked! New products for the next 4 days!

Would you like to play a game? Our TOP SECRET NEW PRODUCT RELEASE SCHEDULE has leaked out on to the Internet!! Luckily, we use code names to protect the identities of our new products. Think you're smart enough to figure them out? (see attached image or visit for details) Check back each day at 12:30pm ET to see our new product releases.

The Game Crafter now makes foil booster packs and booster boxes!

The Game Crafter - The Game Crafter now makes foil sealed booster packs and booster boxes!

The Game Crafter can now make print on demand foil sealed Booster Packs! (yes, that means we can make just 1 or as many as you need.)

Watch our new video that introduces both products at

Booster Packs are great for small expansions and CCG/TCG games in the vein of Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon. We can also produce Booster Boxes which give you a retail display for stores and conventions.

The Game Crafter Now Supports Embedded Games!

The Game Crafter - Embedded Games are now possible

You can now embed games into other games as if they were a game piece. People have been asking for this for quite a while, and we’re happy to finally be able to offer it. Potential uses are:

1) Keep decks separated so customers don’t need to sort them.
2) Prepackage items for games were secrecy is important upon opening the box. Legacy games and Escape Room games would both benefit here.
3) Make booster boxes for CCG / TCG games.
4) Create a deluxe version of a game that includes the main game, and expansions.
5) Boxception! If you want a box within a box, this is the way to do it!

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