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Monster Keep — Formulas and/or equations towards "Race Balance"

So following some advice from Ramon (@X3M), I decided to some "Race" planning... Basically I've been thinking about HOW each race should exist and what are the "broad lines" of each race.

The Winner of "The Social Deduction Challenge" has been Announced!

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Social Deduction

Fruit-For-All has won The Social Deduction Challenge.

The judge, Heather Newton, has written up articles with feedback for the winner and all the finalists. In addition, she has provided the spreadsheet she used for scoring the finalists.

We thank all who participated in this contest. We also want to remind everyone that the Roll & Write Challenge is going on right now if you’re looking for another contest!

Full Details and links at

Open world arcade

I am glad to say that exhibiting Window Pains at the open world event went really well. The museum shop sold out of the copies they asked for, and I got a lot of very positive feedback. The 40 percent markup seemed appropriate, and I should learn to valuey games.

My favorite point was when someone I taught the game to came back, and they taught their friend, who insisted on buying the game for the next time they are stuck at the airport.

The whole thing inspired me to finish up the 4 player version I was in the process of making. I can't wait to see the prototype next month!

Entry #2 - Galactic Ryft


I am currently working on my space board game. I’m on the third major iteration of it. Originally, I created a space strategy game with lots of miniatures, and stereotypical gameplay including combat. I realized it was not unique enough in gameplay and pivoted.

The second iteration was better and more unique, very similar mechanics to the current version, but had too many unique rules and exceptions to make functional and the theme didn’t push far enough into the mechanics. I had 4 groups play test the game and got some indifferent feedback about playing it.

New Board Game Pieces

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Small Dragons

We added Small Dragons to our Board Game Pieces Shop! These wood tokens come in 4 colors (Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow). Available at If you need something larger, be sure to check out the Large Dragons that we announced awhile ago.

Monster Keep — Sneak Preview of art-style

Here is ONE (1) Sample/Sneak Peek/Preview of the ART and ART-STYLE for "Monster Keep" (MK).

The Game Crafter Official Podcast - Episode 203: Randomness in Games

The Game Crafter - The Official Game Crafter Podcast with JT Smith and Jeff King

The Game Crafter Official Podcast - Episode 203: Randomness in Games with The Game Crafter - Did we just get lucky? Or was it completely random that we got a listener request? JT and Jeff discuss a listener request that ask; does everyone really hate randomness in games? JT and Jeff also cover a few ways to mitigate the randomness of dice and cards. Listen at

Roll n' Write: "WriteScape"

Jotting down some brief notes here on a roughed-out roll n' write I've developed in the past week or so. As opposed to an economic-based rnw, this is one of those map-making ones. At this point, it's a single-player game. I am wondering if there's a way to allow a multiplayer version, but that may come at a later time.

In a future update, I'll post photos/graphic elements.

Entry #1 Market Entry

Hello all. I was thinking about self publishing my first game as a digital download roll& write. This would cut down on costs and get my name out there.

I was thinking of putting out a simplified classic dungeon crawler with a twist. Getting points by posting your result to my twitter account or something to that effect. What do you think?

TradeWorlds: Master File Disaster (or so I call it)!

Well I received from Mike a FILE (.ZIP) which contained a bunch of files and a TON of cards. That was supposed to be the archive with the Master Files to be used to produce the files for the Manufacturer in China (this was 2 weeks ago).

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