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"Debt Freaks!" - WIP (The Design Process)

"Debt Freaks!" is my first ever board game design. I want to use this blog to ask for your feedback and to provide some progress updates throughout the design process. I am really excited about this, but I need your help!
I would LOVE your feedback as I go through this process to make this game. Seriously, ANY & ALL constructive criticism, advice, questions, thoughts, corrections or anything else are most welcome!!!

I will start with a brief summary of the game idea:

Diamond Heist - Simple Solitaire Playing Card Game

Diamond Heist

A simple solitaire game in which the player must arrange a 3 by 3 grid of numbered playing cards such that all horizontal, vertical, and diagonal sums are equal (15 diamonds).

Game Rules v1.2

Cyberpunk Savages - A design blog


Note: All artwork is pulled from opengameart, google images, or deviantart, and is being used for prototype purposes.


Thought I’d start a blog detailing the growth of my current project and focus. Welcome.

I’m pretty fresh to the board game design world. Since I was a kid, I’ve been heavily involved with creating digital games, programming, interactive design, that kind of thing. In the past few years, I’ve built half a dozen prototypes of varying success.

New Board Game Pieces Available - Landscapes

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Landscapes

We added a set of Landscapes to The Game Crafter's Board Game Pieces Shop! This group of 14 wood tokens (2 sets of 7 buildings) includes: Arch, Bridge, Tower, Mountain, Pagoda, Temple, and Coliseum. International flare for your game for only $.66! Learn more at

Need Much Help!!

Hello - I'm new to this blog and I'm extremely happy I came across it. Especially at this highly crucial time for me.
I'm in the prototype phase of a new board game and I'm trying to acquire the things I need to have a prototype for my kickstarter campaign.

I have a board, dice, game pieces, timer, scoresheets and homemade printed colored cards (red, yellow and green cardstock).

I'm trying to find a company or companies to help me create a box and a tray both to my specifications.

The Game Crafter Podcast: Episode 179 - The Board Game Blueprint

The game Crafter - The Game Crafter Official Podcast

JT Smith wants to talk about a new project underway at The Game Crafter. But in order to do that he needs to bring on a special guest: Ben Moy! Join JT, Jeff, and Ben as they discuss the new YouTube project: The Board Game Blueprint.

Listen to the podcast at

A story-to-game project

Kroppensot huscarls (color).jpg

Bon après-midi, ladies and gentlemen,

The topic started this summer:
Well, after a bulk of efforts to bring the project to life I have to finally say, I failed. Not that I had expected something more than usual but total absence of interest for my game speaks louder than words. And the message is the project ended up in a pit of trash.

Super-Bee modular board and multiple counters (one for each player)

Super-Bee playtesting with 6 couters

An idea of a modular board crossed through my mind and I wanted to see if it will work for Super-Bee.

My thoughts were that this modular board will allow for a more complex version of the game.

Here are a few positive points I thought the modular board will bring to the game (before playtesting it):

+ it's modular so you can arange the board anyway you want, with suggested ideas in the rule book for levels of complexity, for each various setup; freedom for players to get creative and setup the board as they like it;

Finalists Announced - Phase Shift Dimensions Challenge

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Phase Shift Dimensions Challenge

The finalists for the Phase Shift Dimensions Challenge have been announced! The judges had this to say:

"We knew this would be an interesting contest, and your submissions absolutely supported that prediction! While there was a wide range of scores, most entries successfully demonstrated pushing some form of a dimensional envelope, and there were indeed some (very) novel ideas." -Jason & Darrin at Geek Fever Games

See the finalists at

Thoughts when trying to move forward

I've been working hard on the illustrations going into my game. I'm creating about 2 card illustrations a week and am pretty proud of what I'm producing.

Still, something is missing.

I'm not lacking in the progress department, since I'm moving forward with it, artistically, every day/week.

Still, something is nagging me.

I finally realized what it was yesterday: I haven't worked on the actual GAME in a few weeks. Aside from starting from scratch with the name issues (though I think I have a working title that I like now but not on that later) and the illustrations, of course.

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