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Greek Mythology Board Game Pieces!

The Game Crafter - Greek Mythology Board Game Pieces in The Game Crafter online parts shop

Greek mythology board game pieces! From hydra, to minotaur to Medusa herself, this sprue has them all. It comes in 2 different colors and will add all kinds of awesome creatures to your games.

Get them in our game parts shop at:

New Fancy 12mm Marbled Dice at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - We now have Fancy 12mm D6 Marbled Dice

The Game Crafter now sells some fancy 12mm marbled dice! Add them to the print on demand games we make or buy them separately in any quantity. See them all at:

BIG NEWS: The Small Stout Box is finally here! (70pt chipboard box that's custom printed on demand)

The Game Crafter - Small Stout Box

BIG NEWS: The Small Stout Box is finally here! This extremely rigid box is made of 70pt chipboard, is custom printed on all sides, and will even withstand a full grown man standing on it! It measures 3.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches and will hold 266 poker sized cards.

Check out the product page for the Small Stout Box at

Hook Box Challenge Semi Finalists

The Game Crafter - Hook Box Challenge

There are 129 entries in the Hook Box Challenge! We're glad so many people were inspired by this contest and now it's time to vote on the games you like. TGC community members can vote now at

Super-Bee 15.01.2018

I was redoing the rules and I've realised that I managed to get everything in exactly 2 pages! That was my initial goal to make a simple game with rules that are not written on tens of pages. I know from experience that, if a game has a thick rule book, I am dragging playing it. Especially with a game aimed at children, it's really hard to get them at the table for too long. So, explaining the game in a couple of minutes and play it in 10, it's just perfect.

Changes and ideas:

Super-Bee v.5 - updates and issues

It's been 3 years since Super-Bee emerged as an idea. A few weeks ago I've took it out to see what was that all about. So, the new version is quite a little bit changed.

I read the previous entry about the game and it makes me laugh: "101 tokens!" holy smokes that's a lot of tokens... :)

The new version plays in 10 minutes, it's for 2-6 players and has 60 tokens: 9 x Super-Bee, 6 x Male Drone, 6 x Caterpillar and 3 x Spider Web. The rest of them are Honey Jars. It still plays with a single counter shared by all players and with a 3D dice (1-3).

Monster Keep: Version 10.0

Amazingly, I have made great design development with my "Monster Keep" idea and/or design. I have put together an interesting set of mechanics for the game that are inspired from the original game idea (all the way back to version 1.0).

Now we are on Version 10.0 of the game. That means that I've gone through ten (10) design cycles, trying to improve the game. I finally feel like I am "somewhere" with the design idea.

This "core" product follows the XTG3 licensing and allows for Single Pack Expansions to the "core" set of cards.

Warpgate (re) launch

Hey everybody!

We are going to launch the new campaign for Warpgate on the 16th.

The page is not 100% ready yet, but here's a link to the campaign draft if you feel like checking it out and/or giving any sort of feedback:

Thanks in advance!

Ethereal 9: The Realm connecting the known Universe

Ethereal 9 is an Abstract Strategy game focusing on the Conquest of nine (9) Realms. As a Ruler of a Realm, your goal is to not just "Win the Battle" ... but also to "Win the War!"

Each Chapter, a "Ethereal" card is drawn to depict the connectivity of the "Ethereal Realm" to all the other nine (9) Realms. The First (1st) Phase is the "Construction" Phase where each player plays ten (10) "Realm Tiles" of their choice, one (1) per turn each, one player at a time.

Kickstarter is only a month away. Sweating aka feeling the heat.

So I'm only a month away from my rescheduled Kickstarter beginning date. I've send several review copies out, including Father Geek and Man vs Meeple. Advertising has been the hardest part of it all. I still feel I'm not doing enough. I'll be at Strategicon, showing off the game at a booth. I'm hoping to create a bigger mailing list while I'm there.

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