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New Board Game Pieces - Cobalt

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Cobalt

We added Cobalt to our Board Game Pieces Shop! This is a wood token that works great in resource management games. With this new addition, we now have 21 different types of mineral tokens available. See

Crafter Con - Board Game Design Convention

The Game Crafter - Crafter Con - 2019 Schedule

Crafter Con is The Game Crafter’s very own board game design convention that focuses on education to make you a better game designer. It happens the day before Protospiel Madison and features a track of seminars, workshops with industry experts, and a play testing room to work on your games with other designers 1 on 1.

New Staff Pick at The Game Crafter - Space Colony Hex (by Andrew Hanson)

The Game Crafter - Staff Pick - Space Colony Hex (Designed by Andrew Hanson)

New Staff Pick at The Game Crafter - Space Colony Hex. Construct a new space colony with your fellow players while trying to make it meet your own personal objective. Designed by Andrew Hanson and available at

Chinese game with my game name?

Dungeon Brawl Ripoff

I was using Windows 10 to search my HDD for my Dungeon Brawl named items and it sends me to Bing web search. I see this game of the same name come up and I'm freaking out. Can I / Should I do something about this?

On a side note, rep from game company finally got back to me on the 28th. I need to send him my instructions and a how-to-play video. Done and done.

The Captain Is Dead is becoming a video game!

The Game Crafter - Alumni News - The Captain Is Dead is becoming a video game!

We’re proud to announce that a video game version of The Captain Is Dead is being developed by Thunderbox Entertainment. The planned release date is early 2020. You can signup for their mailing list to be an early tester at or add it to your wishlist on steam.

Live Stream Tonight! Crowd Chat with Cassie Elle w/ Special Guest: Gunter Eickert

The Game Crafter - Crowd Chat with Cassie Elle - Live Stream Show on Monday Nights

In this live stream, Cassie will be talking to Gunter Eickert of Academy Games to discuss their Kickstarter campaigns and how they’ve brought in their crowds.

The average backer count for their eight Kickstarter campaigns is 2,825 backers, with one campaign reaching 6,937 backers alone.

Watch the Crowd Chat livestream tonight at 7 PM EST on all of The Game Crafter social media channels to find out how Academy Games has grown their Kickstarters to such awesome numbers!

Custom Printed Mint Tins and Mint Tin Deck at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Board Game Boxes - Custom Printed Mint Tins

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce our new custom printed Mint Tins and Mint Tin Deck (cards shaped precisely for the Mint Tin). We expect that people will love these to go along with the Mint Tin Challenge.

Details for Mint Tin:

Details for Mint Tin Deck:

Mint Tin Challenge:

Protospiel Chicago starts in 21 Days!

Protospiel Chicago starts in just 21 days! Make sure you:
- Register
- Post your games up on the site
- Mark other's games you are interested in
- Get a hotel room if needed (discounted room rate expires on Aug 23)
- Tell all your friends!

See you at

New Game Accessories - Tall Black Parts Bag

The Game Crafter - Board Game Accessories - Tall Black Parts Bag

We added a Tall Black Parts Bag to our Game Accessories Shop! The bag has a height of 9″ (229mm), width of 6″ (152mm), and is made of black cloth. If this bag isn’t what you need, be sure to browse our collection of 23 different parts bags in our shop. Available at

Simple Elegance Challenge - Winner Announced!

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Simple Elegance

And the winner of the Simple Elegance Challenge is As The Earth Crumbles by Slinky Gibbon Games.

Our judge Maxine Ekl provided this spreadsheet with full scoring and comments.

See the other game design contests at The Game Crafter at

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