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New Board Game Pieces - Elephant with Rider

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Elephant with Rider

We added 7 different colors of Elephant with Rider to our Board Game Pieces Shop! They are made of wood and we think they are super cool/unique. 17mm meeple included for scale.

New Board Game Pieces - More D6 Dice

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - New D6 12mm and 11mm Dice

We have added some new D6 dice to our Board Game Pieces Shop! This time we added 12mm D6 Dice in Caramel, Purple, and Marbled Pearl. We also have a new Rounded Dark Blue 11mm D6. Dice are an important component for many games and so we keep expanding our offerings so designers have plenty of options with their designs. Available at

TradeWorlds: The End of an Era

Well I guess I wanted to post this thread to share with all the other Game Designers about the pitfalls and problems that one may encounter AFTER a successful KS. It was about 2 Years ago, in 2017 when we launched our KS for "TradeWorlds" (at the time it was called "Tradewars — Homeworld").

We got more funds than expected with over 250% the original Funding Goal... We were all happy about the results and the accomplishment. But unfortunately that was 2 years ago...

7th Annual TGC Community Game Night @ Gen Con 2019

The Game Crafter - Gen Con 2019 - 7th Annual TGC Community Game Night

We're excited to announce that our 7th Annual TGC Community Game Night has been approved by Gen Con! It will happen on Friday, August 2 from 8pm-midnight at the JW Marriott Hotel's White River i & j Ballrooms. Details and tickets at

New Facebook Group for Component Studio Users

People wanted a place to talk about their projects and how they are using https://Component.Studio. So we created a Facebook Group for users of Component Studio to collaborate and get tips and tricks. Join today at

NEW: Medium Six-Fold Board at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Game Board - Medium Six-Fold Board

We have a new game board! The Medium Six-Fold Board gives you a huge board to use in a medium box! It measures 16 x 16 inches (406 x 406 mm) when folded out and only 8 x 5.33 inches when folded up. It fits our Medium Stout Box perfectly.

Watch our product announcement video at

New Board Game Pieces - 20mm Hexbox

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - 20mm Hexbox available at The Game Crafter

We added 20mm Hexbox to our Board Game Pieces Shop! They come in 4 colors, (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green), and are made of wood. If you like these, be sure to check out our collection of Octbox! 17mm meeple is included for scale.

Just storing some ideas for later... and in Portuguese

Here's the perfect place to jot down a few ideas about game design, as opposed to on my Whatsapp gaming group, I suppose. So I've decided to share something with anyone else who might be interested as well:

Today I burned some neurons a bit by starting an amalgamation of a game inspired by 3 completely different games: 1)borrowing the setting and factions of Civ Beyond Earth for PC, 2) worker placement and action selection as in Champions of Midgard, and 3) in tile placement and all players manipulating the same units as in Takenoko.

Improvements to our Crowd Sales system!

We’ve made a bunch of improvements to our Crowd Sale system so that game designers can enjoy even more success with their crowd funding campaigns.

- When you go to create your Crowd Sale we display a checklist of everything you’ll need to get started.
- We’ve added 500 and 1000 unit discount tiers. in addition to our normal 100 unit discount tier.
- Backers can now select Will Call as a shipping option if they plan to pick up their game at our factory.
- Creators can now set an initial discount between $0 and $5 (was hard coded to $5).

Ravenhall's Town Crier Monthly Highlight #6

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