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Crystal Heroes — What to do about end-game scoring?

I recently updated my prototype of "Crystal Heroes" (CH) and did a playtest. There was "more" Area Control and ties to the table. However, I have a question about the end-game scoring. Specifically, what to do when neither player collects more "Chaos Gems" than the other (tie) and the scoring of their Lord is also not an all-out victory. So, say a score of 7 versus 8 (Nine being the victory goal).

In my opinion it's too close to award a victory...!? What do you think?? Should this be a "stalemate"?

Tabletop Simulator

I just got tabletop simulator tonight, and in about an hour I now have a functional version of Window Pains. Why didn't I get this earlier? I can't wait to see if I can improve the user experience or try it out online with someone.

Does anyone want feedback on their prototype? I can now check it out

TUTORIAL: Photoshop Vector Shape Layers (Use the Pen, Shape, Type, and Selection Tools to create your card game templates)

Designing Card Elements Using Photoshop Vector Shape Layers

A fairly detailed tutorial for anyone looking to learn how to use Photoshop's vector shape tools - Pen Tool, Shape Tools, Selection Tools, and Type Tool.

"Learners will create a typical Manifestation CCS Minimal card template using Photoshop’s Vector Shape tools (Pen Tool, Shape Tools, and Type Tool), starting only from a provided sketch. After completing this tutorial you will have a detailed understanding of how to use Photoshop’s Selection Tool; Direct Selection Tool; Pen Tool(s); Shape Tools – Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, and Custom Shape; and Type Tool."

Game #4/12 - Those Magnificent Men - an adventure game with programming

TTM - lord nostro

Those Magnificent Men

An 18 card adventure game with programming for 2-4 players.

In 1923 a coalition of nations embarked on a convert mission of genocide. Deep in the Pacific Ocean the last of the strange forms of Man (Vampire, Warewolf, Merman, Mummy and Tinman) tried to fight off the invaders.

You play as the captain of a three man pilot crew of a bi-plane delivering goods, rescuing survivors and shooting down the invaders.

Files for playing:


My new expansion set

Hopefully capitalizing on my recent sales success, I'm launching a new Heroes & Treasure expansion Kickstarter next week, titled Ice & Flame.

There is a lot of "Fire & Ice" out there and some "Frost & Flame" (which I do love as a name), and even a very obscure song about "Ice & Fire", but "Ice & Flame" is pretty rare.

Anyway, if anyone would like to follow along, the pre-launch page is:

Board game design process

While I can hardly call me an amateur game designer I still am a Design professional, and what got me into the hobby is my interest in the design process itself.

I've started writing down some thoughts on the subject, taking my half-baked game as a reference to talk about how I do design and specially how I've adapted my design process for boargames.

I hope it is of use for some of you, at least to get you to think about your own process and what tools and methods do you use and which one could you incorporate.

Design proces of the game "Projectile"

This time, I decided to type away my idea's in a little blog.
It is kinda from scratch as I type. Although, there is a design path that I follow.

Seeing as how this game, should one day be public.
If I ever get that far (life isn't easy and forgiving when growing older)

The rules should be as simple as possible.

This is regarding a wargame. Which I like to call Projectile, for now.
The name has been used before. But at least, it regards projectiles when looking at the mechanics.

Goal in the game
A player needs to defeat its opponent through combat.

Virtual Protospiel - This Weekend!

Virtual Protospiel at Con of Champions 2020 - This Weekend!

The Virtual Protospiel at the Con of Champions is a board game prototype convention event that takes place online in a digital format, allowing board game designers from around the world to test their games together and fight the spread of COVID-19.

Participants will need to buy a badge for the Con of Champions to participate. Get full details at

New Digital Magazine

I was contacted by Lake the creator of Everything board games about his new digital magazine. It looks awesome. Hopefully some of you can contact him and get featured in his bi-monthly. Hope all is well with everyone. Sorry for being so Distant during the Pandemic!! Just spending lots of time with family.

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