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Galaxy's Edge - manufacturing: samples

The samples arrived last week.

Let's just say they were far from perfect :(. There were numerous defects - scratches, wrong assembly etc. I filled at least two pages writing back to the manufacturer.

It's a good thing we ordered samples. It would be a disaster if the final product was of this quality. This way, we have at least some sense of control.

Galaxy's Edge - manufacturing: samples finished

GE finished samples (photo from manufacturer).jpg

The samples are finished and should be in the mail today. Here is a picture we got from the printer.

Galaxy's Edge - manufacturing (continued)


Just got some pictures of the wooden components from the manufacturer. They are making progress!

The next step is to receive samples of all game parts, approve them (hopefully :)), wire the first payment, and then the production starts.

We had to pay some extra fee for getting the samples manufactured (not included in the original negotiated price -- one lesson learned is to keep that in mind). I think going through the samples approval process is a must, however. Otherwise, you can not really be sure what you get. No pictures can tell you the whole story.

Galaxy's Edge machanic -- Bans

While we are still sorting out small contract details with the manufacturer, and I have nothing big to report, I thought I'd write a little about the design.

I'll start with an observation. The way I see it, your game you can have either:

a) minimal direct conflict. Examples include coperative games, and many Euros. Each player builds their own thing, and interaction comes in form of competition for resources, auctions etc. ; or, you can have

Galaxy's Edge - manufacturing


As we are closing on a deal with a Chinese manufacturer to produce Galaxy's Edge, I thought I'd start a blog on that.

Here I intend to describe an experience of printing a game in China from start to finish -- I think this may be of interest to many on this forum. We are a very small company and GE is our second game to be published.

At this point of time, here is what already happened:

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