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Never Give In dev diary #2


OK so second dev diary. See #1 for concept; this one is about my first playtest.

AD - Admiral player
OP - Operations officer player
WC - Wing commander player

I wasn't sure where to start with testing, but I've noticed that I tend to spin ideas round and round in my head and get attached to them, only to find they don't work when it comes to applying them - so I figured jump straight in and see what works; that way the unworkable ideas won't have time to take root. This blog will go through the system I used to work up a first playable version: v0.1

The map

Never Give In dev diary #1

Hello blog

What's this?
This is a dev-diary blog I've decided to start keeping about a game I'm trying to design. I'm hoping that by codifying and recording thoughts here it will encourage me to be more disciplined about working steadily on the project. I'm also trying to get the ideas for the game away from my internal monologue and into the outside world so, while I don't really expect anyone will read this except me, if you're interested in anything you see please feel free to comment.

What's the game concept?

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