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My game, Void Zone (Formerly Jolt) is being published

Void Zone Demo Prototype

Hi folks,

Just creating a blog to say that my game, Void Zone, (formerly called Jolt) has been picked up by an up and coming publisher and is set for Kickstarter this year. It has been picked up by Board Game Hub who ran a great Kickstarter for Tranquility in 2019, set to fulfil next month.

I really appreciate all of the help and advice that Ive received on here. I have been more of a lurker recently but this is one of my most frequently visited sites.

Board Game Design Lab Challenge 2019

So I entered the BGDL challenge at the last minute whilst preparing for the UKGE.

I just got word today that Jolt! made it through the first round as one of the top 30 games from an original entry of 143 games.

The list of games that made it through are here:

Im very grateful to the help in the early iterations of the game that you guys gave me.

The community vote lasts until Friday so fingers crossed the general public enjoy it too :)

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