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Board for Steve


Pizza Pieces - New Name and Artwork

Pizza Pieces Components

Update to Piece of Pie

Some artwork to go with the idea along with a change of theme and name.

I'm guessing the playtesting will throw up the need for a few more dice to spice things up. Therefore, the outline now features three dice colours along with three pizza categories and 12 dice in total.

Instead of using lots of expensive dice I propose to include pizza counters that can be used to record each round of rolling. These card tokens should make it easy to keep a visual track of past rolls.

Piece Of Pie


Some quick cobbled together images for the idea that originated in my reply to the Dice Pie post.

Update for EvilColSanders


Update for EvilColSanders

Helping Card - Front and Back

Ok, had a bit of time spare (very busy working on my own stuff) so I quickly put this together.

I'm not sure what card size you are working towards. After finishing I measured this sample and it doesnt fit any of the standard card sizes :)

It's not far off the standard size for MTG Trading cards (63 by 88) - being 1mm real size off at either side. If that's what you're looking for then I can make a couple of simple ammendments to size it up correctly.

Card suggestion for Evil ColSanders,

Helping Card - Front and Back

I saw your card proposals and quickly put these together - using elements from your developing design and some quick add ins.

The quality isn't great, I'm no graphic artist, and the spacing is slightly out in a couple of places. However, they should suffice for play testing or thought material for further development.

ColSanders, If you need me to send the file or any of the bits in it then drop me a message.

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