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My first adventure board game, what I have so far

Here's what I've created so far, and my ideas for moving forward. So this might be a little long, you have been warned.

My first adventure board game, is this a new idea?

Hello again,
So my game has 5 heroes to choose, Archer, Mage, Fighter, Healer, and Tank. I'm going for a MMO feel to the fights. Each hero has 4 abilities that affect their threat level. Anyone goes over the Tanks threat will be the target of attacks. I also believe with 4-5 players, they will be able to run 2 parties and attempt a RAID Dungeon.
I'll start detailing more of how my game works and functions tomorrow. I used to play W o W, and my boardgame collection has hit the point of needing to sell some to make room for more. My question is has anyone already tried this idea?

My first adventure board game

Hello everyone,
I've been working on this game for a while. Start with a group of 4-5 heroes, defend the city, fight your way to the dungeon. After beating the third dungeon, you win the game. Though the starting characters are pretty standard, the dynamic of the group is something different.

I mostly just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I'll talk more about my game in the days to come.

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