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My Game on Tabletop

They have finally released episode 11 of Tabletop season 4 where they play Star Trek Five-Year Mission!!!

I have been waiting to see how it turned out. I was present for the taping. We taught the guests how to play and ran them through a full game just prior to taping but even so everyone pickup on it quite well. The episode is 35 min long but it took half a day to teach the game and tape the game play and asides. It was an interesting experience.

ST5YM expansion. Wizards, & Mechs

I think I may have had my hopes up a bit too high. Interest in the expansion for Star Trek Five Year Mission seem to be waning. In other word there has not been much talk about it the last time I spoke with Mayfair Games. I won’t be meeting with them until Origins. I can get clarification then.

In the mean time I still have other projects to work on.

The price of sucsess

If you have been following along Star Trek Five Year Mission is doing well and we have already discussed doing an expansion or two.

The first I hope will be a suite of small expansions that you can add on or mix and match as you like. This includes the expansions: Complications, Away Missions, and Special orders. All is going well with this but much more testing is required. This has not been approved as of yet but my fingers are crossed.

My First Expansion!

Star Trek Five-Year Mission sales are going well and although I have not seen the 4th quarter numbers yet the president and the head developer think we are good to do an expansion.

Each of us has different ideas on what the expansion should be. We have spoken about doing one of the other series Voyager or DS9 but my initial idea coming into this was an add on pack of small expansions much like the Traders & Barbarians expansion for Catan.

Reworking cards to tiles. Testing soon.

I finally got around to prototyping the tiled version of Order of the Wand this weekend to find out I didn’t have enough cardboard for all 76 tiles. Picking up the cardboard today, should have it ready to test by mid-week at latest. I will make sure there is plenty of extra cardboard as I have a feeling the 3-1/2 inch tiles are a wee bit big but I’ll leave making a 3 inch set until I have done a few rounds of testing.

Must remember to take pictures this time!

Mad Zoo

Mad Zoo has been submitted to the Hasbro game Lab a day before the deadline.They only gave us a month to create a party game and mine is not what I expect the bulk of the submissions to be which is games were you vote on cards that are submitted i.e. apples to apples/cards against humanity.

Lets hope the next post will find me a finalist.

Successful Launch of Star Trek Five Year Mission

My goal for GENCON was to demo the game for 300 people over the entire weekend. With 3 tables going at a time turning over every 45 minutes we accomplished that by the end of day on Friday. The game was well received by those that played, I was interview 5 times, did a 3 hour signing with Marina Sirtis on Saturday, a charity event featuring 5YM Saturday evening and we sold hundreds of copies. 5YM should be in at the distributors in a few weeks so that your FLGS can order them.

P.S. I'm exhausted.

The fix is in

I have literally been working on my wizard dueling game Order of the wand for years now. The first version was both component and rules heavy. The game contained the following.

90 cards;6 Wands, 6 Wizards, 2 Starters, 40 Spells – 2 each of 20, 36 Ether

2 Wands (Used chop sticks in testing)
1 Mini wand
1 Time wheel
4 Wizard figures; 2 of each
1 double sided duel hex map
32 Spell tokens markers; 4 sets of (1-6)
6 Ether level markers

I worked on version 1.0 & 2.0 for a long time trying to make it work out but the game was fiddly, confusing and took two long. I finally broke down and took out the time wheel mechanic in version 3.0 as it was causing much of the havoc but the game still ran way too long. I almost gave up on it when I decided to strip the game down to bare bones as my playtesters told me the part they like was the core mechanic, the Wands! I ran 4 playtests of V 4.something at Protospiel last weekend and the game not only worked, played in an hour or less but also received many compliments even though the game needs a great deal of work before its ready to show to a publisher. Based on the feedback I received I am making version 5.0 this weekend and will start with what I hope will be the final leg of playtesting.

Three years in the making

If you look back through my posts you'll see several about my co-op game for 3 to 7 players;H.M.S. Victory. It's been three years in the making gone through numerous iterations and countless playtests. Its now scheduled to be released at Gencon Indy 2015 by my friends at Mayfair games. It even getting used as the big charity event on Saturday evening! Gen Con Event Code: BGM1582089.

You won't find a listing for H.M.S. Victory on Board Game Geek but you will find this.

What I didn’t do on my Christmas vacation.

I’m fortunate that I get quite a bit of time off for the holidays, 11 days this year including weekends. I had planned to use some of that time to catch up on my design work.

This is what I had planned to accomplish and didn’t get done.

Create a Vassal Module for Order of the Wand

Test Order of the Wand with out of state game designer friends

Review my projects file to purge dead end ideas and revisit better ones.

Work on at least one of those better ideas and create or update prototype for testing.

Test, Test, Test…

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