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Going Back to Move Ahead

Like many of us the completion of my game designs is always under siege by new ones that want nothing more than my attention. Having a limited amount of time it is always a struggle to explore these new ideas and keep current projects alive.

The Times They Are a Changin’

Having been around this site for many years I have noticed a fairly recent change in the forum posts. We still get a wide variety of questions about designing the games engine but we are getting an ever increasing number of questions about self-publishing.

Always work to be done

Poltergeist Paparazzi is in the process of having the production cost quoted by Ludofact while the artist tries to work out the board design.

To keep the production cost down as much as possible they requested an example of play so they know exactly how the components are used. This will allow them to suggest alternate materials.

The Saga Continues

For those resilient enough to follow along with the ongoing Poltergeist Paparazzi story, its pending publication, delays and complications here is an update.

If you want more background on this read the posts

Better Late Than Never & I’m trying to be optimistic

We met with a potential Italian partner last night at a local Coffee house and played the game.

Protospiel 09 looking back on the weekend.

2009 was a very successful year with record attendance, great industry support and productive testing.

We had representatives from ElfinWerks, Steve Jackson Games, Mayfair Games and Imagigrafx to help with testing and to answer questions.

Pre-Protospiel 09

It looks like we are going to have a busy Protospiel this year indicated by the record pre-registration and number of people that have notified me they will be registering at the door.

As Part of the pre-registration designers may list up to 3 games they are bringing to test. Including my own 3 there are 40 Prototypes we can be sure to see and the total for the weekend will likely be 50 or more.

I’m trying to be optimistic

Yesterday I received an update from a publisher that was planning on putting out one of my games this fall.

Did you notice I said WAS?

Quality Mass Market Games

I know right off many of you are thinking that this is an oxymoron. Still MM doesn’t have to mean crap.

Fear of Change

I have worked with dozens of designers and one thing we all have in common is we want are games to be as envisioned. Often I have seen, especially with newer designer, a reluctance to make changes to a game when the need arises. This has gone as far as individuals abandoning perfectly good core systems because they don’t work perfectly rather than making a change that will improve the game.

Better Late Than Never

Last fall my game Poltergeist Paparazzi which I was hoping would come out in Oct got passed up. The publisher cut back on the number of titles it was producing and mine was one that was push way back on the production queue.

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