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Game Design and Submission Panel

I have been asked to be on a Panel at this years Bashcon held at the University of Toledo.

Alex Yeager of Mayfair Games, Uwe Eickert of Academy Games, and David Whitcher of Protospiel will talk about the process of game design, game submission, and easy fun ways for your design to be rejected (and a few tips on getting your design seen)!
Present your ticket at the door for a chance to win a prize!

I'm sure i was asked primarily because of my involvement with Protospiel rather than the plethora of block buster games to my credit. Even so it's an odd thing to be asked and I’m not much of a public speaker. Still i think i have enough experience to add something to group especially when it comes to helping new designers get past those oh so common misconceptions. On the other hand I can always help with the “easy fun ways for your design to be rejected” part since I have plenty of those to my credit.

Lucky 13

2009 has been brutal so far and I’m not just talking about the weather. To date I have had my wisdom teeth pulled, my wife’s computer suddenly went from working perfectly to unbootable (I’m expected to fix it, LOL), and I broke the control mechanism to my shower.

So instead of hiding under a rock i kept my nose to the grindstone and managed to get a publisher interested in a children’s game. I have the final contract daft and lo and behold it’s 13 pages long. I can only hope that 13 is my lucky number this year since another small disaster would just about put me over the edge.

It goes to show no matter how bleak things get you must keep going forward.

(Update: Jan 30th: Amigo Spiel which is not the above mentioned company is returning my prototype for Buka and Back since they have determined that it is not what they are looking for. I Still have 4 other games under evaluation by publishers so not getting this one in at Amigo isn’t going to break my spirit. The question now is who else might want it?)

RFS Published

I received my copies of Rocks for $ale last night from Blue Panther. The official release is in November so there aren’t even pictures of it on their website. I don’t have pictures to post either but will do that as soon as I can.

(Note: Attach pictures)

RFS was originally a PnP game I did as an experiment to see how viable it would be to enter that market with board games. I knew that some PnP war games sold hundreds of copies a year and with the advantages of not needing to ship or warehouse product it seemed like it could be profitable.

Getting Organized

In an attempt to get organized I pulled all my prototypes together in one spot and created a database to track progress on them. After I was done I realized that I have 18 games that are in development from those that have only had one test to others that are in the final refinement stages. Much more then I realized I had.

Three of these are currently with publishers and I’m researching who might be a good fit for two others. Of the remaining 13 there are two that beg to be finalized.


Usually I wouldn’t be writing about another designer’s game in my blog unless I had at least play tested it. Yet I have found what I believe to be the most overwritten set of rules in creation.

Here is the pertinent information

2008 GENCON Report

Like every year I am summing up after my trip to GENCON. Most of these reports from my old blog are less then stirring yet this year was a little more interesting.


Someone posted this Link at BGG

It’s obvious they know nothing about making games and it's a Wiki so i figured i could fix it up a bit.

How about this.

1. Come up with a unique idea for your game like Lawn Gnomes trying to escape the maniacal and dreaded monster named MO-R.

2. Draw pictures of the monster eating the gnomes and show it to your sister. If she screams go to step 3, if she doesn’t try again.

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