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A Card a Day: New beginnings

Old Ways

Hey there, Drion here!

So, the "a card a day" formula isn't really working. I'm really excited to make it, but blog posts are simply not the right format for it, and people are likely annoyed by it.

So let's do what all game designers do.. Iterate!

I'll move my Snowblind and custom magic set posts under a game design journal, also ask the lead designer if I can post a Gaia design journal on here. Random cards will likely stay blog posts but I try keeping them in places.

I'll also switch to varied daily content instead of only A Card a day content.

A Card a Day: Snowblind Initial Design 1

Hey there, Drion here!

Today I'll try getting closer to an initial prototype for my planned 1-4 player cooperative survival horror card game.
Before I talked about ways we can achieve branching plots and replay ability by making the players place in new cards into the deck and other ways to achieve that survival horror feeling.

This time let's make at least one card.

A Card a Day: A Stab at Terraforming

Hey there, Drion here!

A Card a Day: Out of the Air

Treasure Token

Hey guys, Drion here!

Alright, so today I'll actually make a card. I like challenges, so I used wikipedia's random page function to come up with a theme, first off was the Alpine Woodruff, a small plant discovered by John Sims, but sadly it doesn't have much utility or inspiring beauty, so I skipped that. Next up was the celtic rock album Out of the Air by Davy Spillane. It is mostly instrumental, so there's no content there (even though the music is very inspiring), but there are song titles, and an atmosphere of beautiful landscape inspired by the Davy's uillean flute play.

A Card a Day: The Outline of Snowblind

Hey guys, Drion here!

This is something I've been considering for a while to keep up and be accountable for my design goals; I wish to post one card or card game design a day, may that be for a game of my own or an already existing one, like Magic: The Gathering or even something digital, like Hearthstone. I know how the feed works here on BGDF, so shoot me down if you see this as obnoxious or the incorrect platform for this, I just love the community and the passion you guys have for everything design!

The Outline of Snowblind:

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