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Business and/or Tech Partnership opportunity with startup game publishing company...

Hi Everybody!

I am looking for 1-2 individuals with professional experience in either business or technology who would be interested in joining me to establish a new game publishing company. This opportunity involves "sweat equity" in exchange for a partnership position and percentage of the company.

Business Partner - Operations and sales experience is preferred. You will be tasked with assisting me in finalizing, sharing, and implementing the business plan and model for the company. Must be able to create financial & market analysis; marketing experience is a plus but not necessary.

UNPUB Mini Portland Sept 10! Playtest new games by local designers...

We would like to invite to join us for UNPUB Mini Portland on Sept. 10, 2016, from 3p - 10p at Guardian Games (345 SE Taylor Street, Portland, OR 97214). Come playtest original, unpublished games by over 10 local tabletop game designers, and support their development by providing your invaluable feedback. Below is a list of featured titles and designers:

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