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Excited... Tell me what you think.

Today is a GREAT DAY... Art is coming in for STU and Splat is almost done and should be ready for pre-launch for reviews/additional play testers etc.

Linked the info from the blog below, I would love your input.

First Art for Stuff the Universe (StU)

StU Rules-light BGG information:


Card Game

About 10 art pieces to go from the artist and we should be able to get it over to once set on the cards and proofed for some further play-testing and if that goes well review. Will be putting it up here for some input right before I send over to get input from you talented people.

"Splat" (Sheet 1)

So after play testing Splat, more timesthen I want to admit, I’ve started to place it on a background that is notcells within a spreadsheet. Below is a sample page from “Splat”.

There are still changes that are being made:

- Clean-up cards (Napkins, Water, etc)
- Armor cards concept to be tested (Kettle helms, stool shields, etc)
- Proofreading
- Etc.

Let me know what you think would enjoy constructive feedback and ideas. Enjoy your day and the rest of the weekend.

Started to get some art back for a concept game I'm working on

I don't know all the rules on BGDF so in interest of fairness I want to make sure I disclose the following:

1- I am working on a few games (acronyms StU, FF, and ZtG).
2- I have a blog off site that I discuss what I am doing with them
3- I just got some art back and shared it on the blog

I'd love to get any creative feedback from y'all and suggestions. Once it's closer for it to being ready to Play Test and I have it kitted I'll be putting up an announcement there and be asking here for play-testers as I honestly enjoy this site.


Offsite Blog:

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