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Warpgate (re) launch

Hey everybody!

We are going to launch the new campaign for Warpgate on the 16th.

The page is not 100% ready yet, but here's a link to the campaign draft if you feel like checking it out and/or giving any sort of feedback:

Thanks in advance!


Hey everyone,

I wasn't posting often lately due to simple reason. The KS for Warpgate is launching in about 17 hours from now so I was super-busy the last couple of weeks.

If you have a spare moment to take a look at the presentation I would be very grateful.

I'd like to also say thanks to all the BGDF-ers who have helped test various iterations of the game. Your help was invaluable!

Here's the link (the campaign is unlisted at the moment):

UKGE 2017 first impressions on Warpgate

So I had this idea to record player reaction after playing demo games.

I wanted to do it last year in Essen, even set up a video camera with a tripod, but it didn't really work out that well. Perhaps people feel a bit uncomfortable if you're filming them with the "real" camera? I'm not sure.

So what I did at UKGE, I've simply asked people if they mind to tell me a few words about how the game went and filmed it using my phone.

Feedback on the board tiles for space 4X

Hey everyone!

Got the first drafts of artwork for the board tiles for our next game.
BGDF won't let me upload large images, so I guess I'll just drop links to the BGG gallery.

The tiles will be ~24-28cm each and the board will be combined out of 2-4 (depending on the number of players) of these tiles + the same number of smaller tiles in the corners.

So here's a short list of questions that interest me:

Guards of Atlantis @ Essen2016


Set up the booth - check.
Set up the display in press-room - check.
Receive the pallet with games - check.
Demo the game to Tom Vassel and give him the box - check.

If someone is at Essen this week - do stop by and say hi :)
Hall 6. Booth A123.


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