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-I've decided to use GameLand to manufacture my game. Because they are the only one's that continued forward with the quote process.
-I've decided against TGC because my game was almost $52 per unit. I can't think of anyone except hobby gamer's that would pay that price for a game, and I don't think any hobby gamer's will be buying my game. So I ordered one for promo purposes and its off to China.


Thank you for your help!

What do you think about the Art for the board?
After reading the rules does the game make sense to you?

I have taken the advice of some of the regulars here, recovered from some bruises and updated the game, hired a pro Graphic Designer and cut everything unnecessary. Please take the time to read the rules and give me any advice and feedback that comes to mind.

Thank You.

I dare you to read my Rules!!

Your time is extremely valuable...Thank you!!!! Please make any comments you feel are appropriate concerning the Rules, Art, Theme, Concept and anything else you have in what ever detail. If I can return the favor and review your project please PM me. Note: Check page numbers as you read the rules!!

The Objective

HF components copy.jpg

Objective: To be the player with the most valuable Christmas through buying and selling gifts & gift savings bonds, businesses, stockings, lights & ornaments, and collecting cash for when the game ends on Christmas.

The Theme

HF Board copy.jpg

Set the Stage: The holiday season is here and the Bigwigs have caught an abominable case of Holiday Fever. Their madness is exposed to their cronies at the Banks who begin touting a new marketing revolution, they call “A FAMILY TRADITION” which guarantees consumer spending will skyrocket this holiday season.
The government is lobbied and signs into law that individuals can be “Too Big to Fail”. Rumors spread that you don’t need to pay off your Credit Card if you can spend its limit. The media twists the epidemic into a challenge and storm the public with headlines...


Holiday Fever a Family Tradition

Please help me play test and develop the rules to my first board game Holiday Fever a Family Tradition. I will send you the rules in PDF format and I am willing to ship Holiday Fever (in USA only) to you for blind play testing. The prototype is professionally made by Board Game Manufacturing, LLC. Any advice and comments on any aspect of game development is humbly welcome. Thank you for your time.

Very Respectfully


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