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WonderCon woes, conflicted playtesters, and 1 Month til KingdomCon

WonderCon is over and done with. I rushed at the last second to print out card adjustments. I vowed to get a banner this year and had one set to print at Staples the day off. I call to pick up and they say the printer is down and I'll have to wait til 8PM!!! WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THIS? I transfer the project and the new place says they'll have it done in an hour. I call and hour later and THEY DIDN'T EVEN START IT. ANOTHER hour lost. I didn't have a stand for said banner, so I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of 1/2" pvc, couplers, and voila, Instant banner for 9 bucks.

Arists, Creating Deadlines, and Afterward



Overhauling the layout. "Dark Horse C"

Group V6.jpg

So the overwhelming majority said "C" with my last blog.
On the right, you will see 2 groups of images. On the left are all the characters (aside from warrior which you've seen) with the same "C" style. The cleric is in 4 positions, each labeled on the bottom of his card. Which position do you prefer?

I guess there's always room for improvement.

A, B, or C?

TL;DR Which do you think is better? ------------------->
Here's with the cleric. I don't know if I want to put his glowing hand in there or not.

Need help naming characters...

I've sort of named the wizard. Either Thiltwig or Thigwilt. (Both are anagrams of Twilight. I painted the figure purple, we joked about MLP, and he was born.)

Female names are HARD. I could think of a dozen unique male fantasy names before I could think of 1 for a female. All the female names I DO come up with, sound too magic-ish. I'm hoping someone will read this and maybe have some input on a decent sounding name. One where you look at him/her and say, "yeah, that looks like a [insert name]".

Been a while. End of the year.

It's been a while, not since gateway in california, have I worked on my game, but far longer than I have posted anything. Since last time, I have attended both "Extra Life" at Brookhurst Hobbies and "UnPub Mini" at The Guild House both events were phenomenal flops for demoing. I will be thankful for one kind soul who played my first-ever experimental 2 player variant. It was garbage as I had anticipated. Looking back, it further solidifies Warrior as overpowered.

After-con update

Dungeon Brawl Playtesters

If you have the chance to go to Strategicon over another con, go to the other con. I signed up for 12 hours of demo time. In that time I got 7 people to play it. I called it in early every 4 hour block I was assigned due to non traffic and all the hardcore Ticket to Ride tournament players. God, Ticket to Ride is just Candy Land with objectives and points. I digress. On Sunday, when I cleaned up early, I had enough time in the day to go downstairs to the free gaming area. I had THREE pickup games with almost no wait time. I don't think I'll ever do a scheduled demo with them again.

Last minute delivery and Convention time!!!

So I finally got my overshirts!! I have to overnight them which was 50 bucks but I got it in time for the con. They're about 90-95% what I wanted so I'm okay with it. Now I can look legit while demoing my games.

Crunch Time with Dungeon Brawl

Lots of fine tuning going into the character classes before I send off for my professional-looking version from Game Crafter. I've also made Tableflip Games overshirts for when I demo! I really feel it adds a bit of professionalism. Do you really want to pitch your game wearing a Dr. Who T-shirt?

Printing prototype and monk trouble

So as I mentioned before, I get bored waiting for the next playtest so I started transferring my cards into the game crafter to see how much it would cost. Sheesh, round punch board chits are a flat 10 bones. I'm glad my game has armor tokens now to offset the cost of just needing 5 chits. The really bad thing is I'm making a copy just for myself as the art is taken from various sources which are place holders for when I pay for real art... but I have to have a nice looking working copy.

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