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DONE! Now for fine tuning and reflection.

Finished 8 of the 9 classes! Everything is printed in full color, minis half painted, dungeon squares mounted ND painted. Haha. Adding it all up, I spent over 80 bucks on this game. Printing all the cards was about $23. Minis I didn't already have was about $40. Poster board and cork board: $15. Index cards straight cutter, and scissors: $20.

Making the game presentable.

It only took a day to fix what the guys broke. Several more days to make new copies of cards to institute a new playstyle.

Broke the game!

Example of Play.jpg

Every playtest has been great. I little change here and there...

That is, until my friends got it on Saturday. With no restrictions, taking all armor and all weapons, they broke the game in twain. I was a bit disheartened, especially since we played a full game, took 2 hours, and half of them weren't having fun. I had to document this here since it is valuable information and allowed me to further refine the game through card restriction and retooling cards.

Max 5 copies of a card. Max 8 defense cards.

Free-For-All Dungeon Brawl

So in lieu of working on Tile Pile, I've created a new game. No name yet, so it's the title of this entry for now.

You play as 1 of 8 RPG classes, each with their own deck of abilities. Players make 20 card decks made up of their ability cards, and weapon, armor, shield, and item cards. Once finished, players place a miniature in a 5x1 board which makes up the dungeon.

Players draw 5 cards on their turn. Any cards they have in their hand at the start of their next turn are discarded. You have the option to keep one and draw to max hand size.

Game update news

As you may have noticed, the kickstarter failed. I was down about it and wondered where I went wrong. One word: hype. In order for people to fund you, they need to know that you and your project exist. This means either you spend thousands of dollars on advertising, social media updates that only your mom will see and then like, and trolling the forums, trying every opportunity to mention your company or game. (Don't forget the link to both in your signature!)

Finally kickstarting

I've got the business license, made business banking account, website. The whole 9 yards. It's Orc con in cali. I'm here and I began the kickstarter before I left. This post will either be an alter to my success or a monument to my failure. I got sick to my stomach on the way here, worrying. I hope beyond all hope I succeed.

Missed Chance, Kickstarter, and Manufacture Search

Looks like I took too long to contact the people at WonderCon. I didn't submit my logos in time and dropped me. Oh well. That'll teach me. I submitted another application to Gamex. I haven't gotten word back if I'm in or not. Here's hoping.

Missed Opportunities, Life Issues, & Adrift

I was told there was a board game convention coming soon. I could play test my game there after signing up. Bad news is at the time I was told this, the deadline for submission had already ended. Blech.

I now sent an inquiry for running a play-test event at WONDERCON. I hope something becomes of that. I just need a bit of play-testing on what the "majority" prefers so I can FINALLY kickstart the damn thing.

Kickstarter, Dragging feet, new ideas, and Play testing

It's been a while! Here's an update on the situation:

Playtesting continues and parts trouble

It's been 6 months since I've got the gumption to write a blog report and work on Tile Pile. I've had a few people playtest it, I've hammered out the details and I think it's time for the first major prototype. The problem is, my pieces are so unique, I can't find anyone who produces them nor find a manufacturer which produces them in the size I need.

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