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Prototype Character Stat Chart

I'm going to attempt to make a stat chart for a character for my unnamed game.

Eugene Doubefistington
Even as a grown man, Eugene was still being pushed around and shook down. He had finally had enough of it. Eager to rid himself of these daily brigands, he commissioned a pair of gauntlets. His new "Fisticuffs" would prove more than a match for the ill-willed ruffians that plagued him. Haste comes at a price; He hardly knows how to use them nor has the dexterity to maintain balance. As long as he's safe, he believes, is all that matters.

Steam-powered "Fisticuffs"
Strength.... 2

Continuing with Charging, "Defensive Fire" and probability with the dice system.

I have to add charging or assault. It's in every war and skirmish game. Everyone wants to run at everyone else and get fat damage and attacks on them. I have decided that charging will grant you extra inches of movement buy will not allow any extra PROBABILITY of damage. There will DEFINITELY be more damage. How does this equate to game terms? Total up the sums of each player's dice roll. The player with the lowest total subtracts from the higher player's total. That player's model receives damage equal to the difference +5. I didn't want to just give +5, but anything else is more complicated.

Activation Points

I don't mean Activation Points as in "locations you activate".
I mean "Points you spend to Activate". Read on.......

Ranged 3-stats. Gonna need help on this one.

I'm on break at work. I thought I'd make this quick and clean.

3 stats, right. Same as everything.

Power - of weapon
Lethality - of ammunition
Skill - of using weapon

My argument is for Lethality. Is there anything else I could put that generalizes an aspect of ranged combat? I think not. Lethality is the brother of Strength for melee combat (in my system). As an example a pistol can use regular bullets and hollow tip. Shotguns can use buckshot, pellet, or even beanbags. The grain amount used in the casing also differs.

Accuracy (Edited)
1: Pistols
2: Rifles

Arcana Victoriana: Activation and other rules

Continuing on with rules and mechanics. Meat and potatoes time.

"Traditional" roll for who sets up and plays first.
On your "turn" you only activate 1 model.
Once the active model has resolved its movement and actions, it ends its activation and the opposing player may now activate 1 model. This continues back and forth until every model has activated. Should a player have more models than another, he may activate the remaining models freely, following the normal rules of activation.

Order of activation

Moving on to Defense. Also, "What's so great about charging?"

So, simple enough, right?

Defense is a combination of 3 stats:
Armor - The physical protection you are wearing.
Fortitude - The physical toughness of your body and the ability to take a hit.
Skill - Self-defense, dodging and general avoidance of attacks.

Just like attacking, the defense rolls are adding up and subtracted from an attack roll.
Like my attack post, this is just a scale to go off of when I'm creating characters.

1: Basic Clothing
2: Light, Metal armor; Buckler
3: Heavy, Metal armor; Shield
4: Light warmachine, vehicle, gadgeteered personal armor

The reason for the mechanics and new thoughts for it.

The mechanics for the dice rolling was inspired out of some guy on BGG writing a wall of text on how you should have a person's skill with a weapon, their knowledge, the weapon in question's power, that person's strength... and made it all cryptic. Coupled with the miniatures game "Song of Swords" and their simple unit creation, simple rolls, and raved reviews of "most balanced wargame", this is what is coming out.

Roll results for d6: Deciding on a dice system.

Using a set of my own plain, cornered, white dice, I rolled out a bunch of test rolls for 7d6. I even went to a website and got some automated, electronic rolls.
After about 100 rolls I've found that the most common numbers rolled were 22, 27, 24, 25, 21. I didn't make an exact tally, but in that order, those were the most frequent. The lowest number I rolled frequently was 18. The highest number I rolled frequently was 31.

Fundamental change to the base of my game. Good or Bad?

I will probably post this as a poll at some point.

For sure, I want 1 roll made by each player. 1 player's attack roll and 1 player's defense roll.
For sure, "Moments of Glory" will stay in. (I really want a new name for this. Everyone thinks "Glory Hole" when I mention "Glory Points". Maybe just call them "Glory"? or "Inspiration"?)

For now, I have 2 options on the battle system:
1) 3 Stats are supplied: Strength, Power, and Skill. The numbers related to these stats are added up. This number is the number of d6 you are to roll for attack.

With the coming new year, I'd better get started.

So here's my first entry. Hopefully I can use this to look back and maybe even use this as a place to throw my ideas at so they actually turn into something. I've got 3 games I'm working on, all at various stages of production. Steampunk Skirmish, Barnyard Skirmish, and a Time-travelling boardgame.

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