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A series of blog-posts about my main project

As some of you know already, Im offering hundreds of digital artworks on this site at affordable prices. The artworks have been created for several card- and board-game projects over the course of the last two decades. Most of the images where created by talented artists who are active on deviantart.


A few days ago, I launched a new website called

Right now, it's a bit thin on the content side but that will change
over the course of the next months. The idea behind that website is to provide a free of charge download archive for the many game ideas I had in the past.

If you browse the many blog-posts and threads here on BGDF, you will notice a lot of different game ideas besides my main project Gods & Minions. Some of those projects are finished and playtested, while others are work-in-progress.

Dice Duelz - back to life!

I cannot believe Im writing this - but after almost 4 months of hiatus - the project is slowly coming back to life. Summertime currently keeps me from working on anything serious, but there has been progress and autumn is just around the corner.

But first things first: It took my artist 9 freakin' weeks to draw 5 vector icons! thats over two months! Well, on the other side they look really cool, are scaleable and did not cost more than a slice of pizza. I'll show you the icons in the next blog post.

Dice Duelz - no Update

Hi, Sadly there was no update this week, Im just too busy with other tasks. First and foremost comes my job, taking care of several clients. So, just a few quick notes:

  • the core rules are finished!

Dice Duelz - Full Mock-Up

Just a quick mock-up how the advanced version of the game would look like. Advanced means that each player has the maximum of 3 monsters in play.

The screenshot below (you can click to enlarge it) shows the state of the board right after both player rolled all of their monsters dice and are now determining Initiative according to a new system (WIP).

For sake of simplicity, all dice are treated equal in this example. You can see the "dice legend" on the top left corner.

Dice Duelz - Elements & Dice

Dice Duelz - Legends Logo

Yep, it seems we are now on the right track regarding the core rules. they now play much faster, smoother and are much easier to read and teach. Before I post the rules here, I would like to go into detail about the Elements & Dice found in the game:


Dice Duelz uses custom dice, so there are no standard pips in the game. It makes use only of d6 (six-sided-dice) in various colors with custom printed sides.

Dice Duelz - slow but progressing

Dice Duelz - Legends Logo

We had the chance to do a first play test of the game (Dice Duelz - Legends) and I would like to proudly pronounce that is was a epic fail!

Well, nothing to be afraid of - Im used to the fact that games require several iterations before they really become playable. I would like to continue this backlog in order to track the projects process.

Dice Duelz - Templates

Ok, so this is design frenzy...

...I currently spend literally every spare minute to work on "Dice Duelz - Legends". If you missed the introduction or my past blog entries: Dice Duelz is a dice battle game where each player takes control over 1 to 3 fantastic monsters in order to fight battles in the astral tournament. Each monster is represented by just one single card template plus a bunch of custom dice (will be shown later).

Dice Duelz - Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards

Yay, my plastic playing card samples arrived!

As some of you already know, Im located in europe. We have several printing services over here, sadly nothing as professional as or Most are traditional printing companies with a few exceptions. One exception is as they focus on playing cards. It is a end-customer service, so it is quite expensive. But they are the only ones that offer plastic cards at a reasonable price.

Dice Duelz - Legends

Dice Duelz - Legends

So the cat's out of the bag...

It has been a long time since I tried to tackle yet another professional game project. After several failed projects - a bunch of smaller ones and a big one, I really felt it makes no sense to try building a boardgame for any other reason than just for fun.

But, in January 2016 I stumbled across the Pocket Sports website maintained by Hamish. He designs, produces and sells what I would call micro-dice games.

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