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Gods & Minions Project Update 1st Quarter 2014

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- check out the original post for pictures!]

Respected fans, friends, Gods and Minions!

Gods & Minions Updates

hey guys,
It's Tobias (Fhizban) again, with some BGDF exclusive information about Gods & Minions. As always: Please keep in mind that I am not native english speaking and that we are working on the project in our spare time (we are not a fully commercial game company).

We just updated our rulebook (you can download it for free from our website), by removing several typos and errors, as well as streamlining the rules even a bit more.


Scouts - looking out for trouble!


We just added another blog post to the Gods & Minions blog.

This is the start of a new blog series called "Tactica Eszmeria" and each article will
feature one of the games troop types. Each troop type is tied to a certain tactic and plays
a specific role on the battlefield. Of course the attributes and skills of the various tribes
vary, and some tribes feature stronger troops of a certain type than others.

Gods & Minions in a nutshell


We just published a new blog entry: Gods & Minions in a nutshell

A quick roundup about the battle game Gods & Minions: What is the game about? What kind of game is it and how it is played?

Gods & Minions: Free PDF Rulebook online


Attention trusted Minions: The final, revised and streamlined rulebook for Gods & Minions was released as free PDF download.

(This is already the third revision of the core rules. We tried to make the rules as simple, understandable and streamlined as possible)

Check out our website to get your copy - NOW!

Gods & Minions: Pricing & Distribution Scheme


As the core set of Gods & Minions (our card based game of fantasy warfare) is slowly taking shape, we where able to estimate the sets/expansion sizes and their prices. So, in our todays blog entry we deal with pricing and distribution scheme. If you plan to get a copy of Gods & Minions, reading this article is highly recommended.

Gods & Minions: The new year brings a new template


Another blogpost was added to the Gods & Minions homepage:

In this article we are going into detail about the brand new template that will be used for the cards in our game. It is the third revision of the template already, and now considered to be the final version.

The various icons and symbols are described as well as the keywords found in the rules text and how they all work together.

You can read the full article here:

Gods & Minions: Back with a Bang!

Semi-Final Nightling Template

We just added a new article the blog of our main project "Gods & Minions".

It's a summary of the current status, as well as an introductory to new fans. Some highlights from the article:

* Who is responsible for this project? How is it financed, how long will it take and how professional will it be?
* The Game - Explaining the overall style and theme, as well as distribution scheme
* Summary of what we have achieved so far and what you can expect in 2014.

The gameplay as well as the rules will be explained in the future in all their detail.

You can read the full article here:

Gods & Minions Website relaunched!

The new Gods & Minions website

Respected Minions,
After a long wait, we are finally back: The Gods & Minions website has just been re-opened and shines in all it's glory. We have a lot of content in store four our loyal fans - get ready for an exciting year 2014!

It's a long way to the top


It's literally been ages since my last post regarding my main game Gods & Minions. This little behemoth is a long-term pet-project of mine thats all about warfare in a fantasy
world. Few of you might remember that the game originally started as a collectible dice game and even fewer know that the background world dates back to my pen-and-paper RPG sessions.

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