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1manstudio Website is live!


Hello respected BGDF community,
My name is Tobias (Fhizban) and I am active on BGDF since several years now. Although I dont talk much, i post a comment every now and then and provide my own designs to gather some feedback. After years of hobbyist boardgame design, I finally managed to build a website to host all my projects.

Gods & Minions 2nd Tribe Announced

Gods & Minions Faylon - the Wild Elf Teaser

Hello loyal readers of my small dev-blog regarding Gods & Minions - the card based dark fantasy wargame.
I am happy to announce the 2nd tribe you will find in the core set of Gods & Minions: Faylon - the wild elves. The first bunch of Minion cards are ready, please take a look at the attached teaser image or follow us at:

MTW Nexus Set Preview - White Knight

MTW: White Knight

Okay folks,
We proudly present the first, play tested, balanced and artistically finished card from our upcoming game THE MAGITECH WARS - techno fantasy skirmish battles.


* With a cost of 3 he is medium priced (and you get quite a lot for that cost)
* His power of 9 outmatches all weenies and rank-and-file minions
* Two health points make him quite durable
* The Protector ability is both a blessing and a curse at the same time
* Speed of Light makes him strike so fast, his enemies have no chance to react

An Introduction to Magitech Wars

Magitech Wars Header

Hello all,
Time for another blog entry. This time its about my secondary project titled "The Magitech Wars". There is a thread on BGDF about how it came to be. All started with the idea to create a boardgame version of the old computer game "Archon", with a modified theme and modified gameplay. After the discussion, this is where we ended up:



Gods & Minions Project Resurrection

Gods & Minions - Card based dark fantasy warfare

Okay, its been a long time since an update regarding my "Gods & Minions" project was posted here.


Rulebook Blogpost: The StatCard's

Gods and Minions - StatCard Mockup

Rulebook Blogpost: StatCards

"The game uses so called StatCards as a rules- and ability reference. Every StatCard compromises all the pictured die’s characteristics and rules and is essential to gameplay. This chapter describes the different attributes found on StatCards. Note that there is no deck in Gods & Minions, so the StatCard..."

A new rulebook blogpost is online: It describes the troop StatCards used to display the various die attributes as well as their special abilities.

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Rulebook Blogpost: Movement

Rulebook Blogpost: Movement

"The active unit may perform up to one movement action per turn, by spending one of its available actions. When moving, the whole unit must move – it is not possible to leave a die behind. The only exception are exhausted dice, which are ignored when moving..."

Another blogpost is online: Moving Dice

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Rulebook Blogpost: Activation & Actions

Gods and Minions Logo

Activation & Actions (Rulebook Chapter 11)

"During the action phase, the active player can activate units under his control on the battlefield one by one and perform actions with each of them. Once activated, the player may perform up to two actions. Any unit may perform any kind of action only once per turn..."

Slowly its getting interesting: The next chapter of the rulebook shows us how to activate units and what these can do during a turn (Rulebook Chapter 11).


Rulebook Blogpost: Deploying Dice

Gods and Minions Logo

Deploying Dice (Rulebook Chapter 10)

"During a players deployment phase, he may bring new dice from his reserves into play by performing a deployment action. All dice, regardless of their type are brought into play this way..."

Freshly blogged: Learn how to unleash dice onto the battlefield during the Deployment Phase (Rulebook Chapter 10)

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Rulebook Blogpost: The Support Phase

Gods and Minions Logo

The Support Phase (Rulebook Chapter 9)

"During the support phase of the active players turn, he may assign up to one single dice from his reserves as worker by moving it to his support zone. Assigning dice this way is a special action that has nothing to do with dice already in play. Once assigned – the die serves a different purpose for ..."

The new rulebook blogpost explains how to assign dice as workers by moving them from reserves to the support zone.

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