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Rulebook Blogpost: Gods & Minions Introduction

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Gods & Minions - Introduction (Rulebook Chapter 1)

"Welcome to Gods & Minions, a fast paced wargame set in a world of dark fantasy. In this flexible game players simulate small skirmishes or epic battles between the various factions of a world called Ascendallion. The game takes place after the Fall – a historic event that..."

New blogpost: "Gods & Minions - Introduction" (Rulebook Chapter 1) gives you a brief overview of what to expect from this game. Check out the full article on our blog:

Gods & Minions - Getting ready to rollout

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A few might already have noticed that i started working on a brand new game. This will be my first try to create an all professional product from start to finish (just have a look at my game journal if you want to know more).

Gods & Minions is a traditional, light wargame taking place in a dark fantasy world. It follows the classic road of fantasy wargames and still incorporates many elements that make the game unique and enjoyable. Typical for the genre, the players are generals - commanding mighty fantasy armies into battle to decide the ultimate winner.

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