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Changes to Templates for Folding Game Boards

The Game Crafter - News - Changes to Templates for Folding Game Boards

We’ve added a new black border in the templates for our Quad-Fold Game Board, Six-Fold Game Board, and Medium Six-Fold Game Board to represent the approximate area on the face of the game board where the black backing will be visible. We’ve also moved the blue dotted Safe Zone line in by about 2mm to better represent the actual area where your text and images will not be at risk of being cut off.

This change may impact your Folding Board images, please update your files as needed, to ensure they print accurately.

Updated 3D Box Viewer

Our 3D Box Viewer now works in more web browsers and supports the 36 Card Jumbo Hook Box & the Mint Tin. You can also select a background color so that your box stands out better. Details at

Fail Faster Playtesting Journal - Now Available!

The Game Crafter - Board Game Accessories - Fail Faster Playtesting Journal

We’re happy to be the official retailer of the Fail Faster Playtesting Journal. This was previously funded on Kickstarter and has received a lot of praise. This is an excellent tool for game designers to keep track of playtesting notes, game progress, and more. Available at

New Board Game Design Contest at The Game Crafter - TGC Staff Roll and Write Challenge

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - TGC Staff Roll and Write Challenge

We’re pleased to announce our next contest is the TGC Staff Roll and Write Challenge! Learn more at

The Semi-Finalists have been announced in the Mint Tin Challenge!

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Mint Tin Challenge

The semi finalists have been announced in the Mint Tin Challenge! Details at

Crafter Con 2019 Video - JT Smith: Designing for Cost

In this recorded session from Crafter Con 2019, JT Smith (co-designer of “The Captain Is Dead” and CEO of The Game Crafter) talks about how you can design your game to be more cost effective. He gives several examples of how this has been done in his own games on The Game Crafter and explains how often times this helps to streamline things and makes the game better.

Watch this video at

Watch all of the Crafter Con Videos from 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019 on our Youtube playlist at

Mint Tin Challenge Voting Has Begun!

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Mint Tin Challenge

Mint Tin Challenge voting has begun! There are 184 entries in the Mint Tin Challenge that need your vote. Check out all the game entries at

New Board Game Pieces - 19mm Fancy Poker Chips

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - 19mm Fancy Poker Chips

We added these Fancy Poker Chips to our Board Game Pieces Shop! They are 19mm in size and come in 6 colors. (Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, and Black). 17mm Meeple included for scale. Available at

Crafter Con Live Stream! (October 17th from 9am-9pm CT)

The Game Crafter - Crafter Con - 2019 Schedule

Crafter Con is The Game Crafter’s very own game design convention and it happens TOMORROW!
(Oct 17th) Its focus is on education to make you a better game designer. It features a track of seminars and workshops with industry experts.

The event has sold out, but you can watch the live stream on several of The Game Crafter’s social media channels from 9am-9pm CT. (note the breaks for lunch/dinner)

Facebook -

Youtube -

Twitter -

Don’t forget, Protospiel Madison begins the next day and runs from Oct 18-20. You can still get badges at

PROTOSPIEL MADISON - Starts in 3 days! (Oct 18-20)

The Game Crafter - Protospiel Madison - Board Game Design Event in Madison, Wisconsin


The country’s best game design convention comes to Madison, Wisconsin on October 18-20.

Game Designers: Get professional level feedback from other designers. Over 100+ other designers in attendance so you’ll have the opportunity to playtest your designs many times throughout the weekend. You’ll also have access to a TGC Designer Table full of blank components and game pieces!

Gamers: You get to play the latest games and help shape them before they hit the shelves of stores or the pages of Kickstarter.

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