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Jay Little Interviewed on The Game Crafter Official Podcast

The Game Crafter Official Podcast - Jay Little Interview - Episode 114

So as a listener you really want more guests, huh? We hear ya! In episode 110, JT and Jeff take on another sweet, sweet listener request that asks for more guests on the podcast.

How do they do that? By inviting Jay Little to share his experience in the gaming industry, his convention experiences, his teaching career, and how he utilizes The Game Crafter. You can learn more about Jay over at the Painted Thumb website at

Listen to the podcast at

Finalists Selected in the Trick Taker Challenge

The Game Crafter - Trick Taker Challenge

Our judge, Andrew Smith, has selected the following games as finalists in the Trick Taker Challenge:

Trick Legacy
Tricky Tides
Toppling Totems
Wunder Garten
Minion Mayhem
8 Arms To Hold You

Andrew also put together a document describing how he came to this decision.

BIG NEWS: Better Shipping Prices Worldwide at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - Better Shipping Prices Worldwide!

The Game Crafter is happy to announce that we’ve done a massive upgrade to our shipping system that is more than a year in the making. Here are the benefits you can expect:

- We now offer UPS as a shipping option.

Trick Taker Challenge is now in the voting stage!

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

The Trick Taker Challenge at The Game Crafter has moved into the voting stage and there are 88 entries! Good luck everyone.

New "Crafter Corner" Podcast

The Game Crafter - Crafter Corner Podcast - Interviews with game designers from The Game Crafter Community

Steve Ruduski from The Gaming Careers Podcast has teamed up with The Game Crafter and created a new podcast called Crafter Corner. This is a 15-20 minute interview with a designer from The Game Crafter community. There’s also a long form version of the interview which explores additional topics outside of TGC.

The Game Crafter added 10 new blank game components and 2 new game pieces to the online parts shop!

The Game Crafter - 10 New Blank Game Components and 2 Game Pieces Have Been Added to Our Online Parts Shop!

We’ve added 10 new types of blank game components to our online parts shop. Click on the links below to see them:

Blank US Game Card
Blank Euro Square Card
Blank Large Circle Chit
Blank Large Square Chit
Blank Medium Square Tile
Blank Medium Hex Tile
Blank Medium Triangle Chit
Blank Small Circle Chit
Blank Small Square Chit
Blank Triangle Tile

We also added 2 new game pieces:

Crystal, White
Ice Cube, 8mm, White

We’ll be adding additional blank game components in the weeks ahead so be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, or google+ so you stay up to date.

Also, don’t miss out on our 4 cent poker card sale that’s going on right now!

Adventure Challenge Winner Announced!

The Game Crafter - 2-Bit Bandits is the winner of our Adventure Challenge!

We now have a winner for the Adventure Challenge and it’s 2-Bit Bandits by Sporktopia. Our guest judge Alisha Volkman, has written up a document with feedback for all the finalists.

We’d like to thank Alisha and all our contestants for participating. But now is no time to rest on your laurels. There are 3 more contests running right now!

Click here to read the official news post on The Game Crafter

Quick video about packaging options available for your game

The Game Crafter - Large Retail Box

Steve Ruduski from The Gaming Careers Podcast talks about packaging options for his upcoming game and why he ended up choosing The Game Crafter’s Large Retail Box.

Click here to watch the video on youtube

Crafter Con 2017 - Become a better game designer

The Game Crafter - Crafter Con & Protospiel Madison 2017 - Become a better game designer

We’re pleased to announce that Crafter Con is back! Lot’s of people had such a great time at Crafter Con and they’ve been asking us to bring it back. But instead of building it inside of another con, we decided to make it a stand alone event the day before Protospiel Madison!

The third annual Gamehole Con Challenge

The Game Crafter - Third Annual Gamehole Con Challenge

We are pleased to announce the third annual Gamehole Con Challenge. This year the goal is to build a classic hack and slash dungeon crawler game. The prizes are bigger than ever. Get out your pen and paper and get to work!

Click here to view all of the contest details

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