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Mashup Game Design Contest

We at The Game Crafter are pleased to announce the Mashup Game Design Contest. For this contest we want to you take elements of two or three of your favorite game titles (video games are welcome too), and turn them into your own unique board game. Maybe you'll want to pair Trivial Pursuit with Pandemic, or Settlers of Catan with Munchkin. It's really up to you. 

Vehicle Game Design Contest

We at The Game Crafter are pleased to announce our first of many design contests. Each will have a theme, and a short set of rules. After that it's all up to your creativity to see what happens.
There are many different kinds of vehicles in our parts catalog. For our first contest we want you to design a game that features one or more of the vehicle parts in our parts catalog. It doesn't matter whether you feature just one kind of vehicle (like a boat racing game), or if you create a game that requires a whole horde of different vehicles (like a military strategy game). 

A Crafter's Manifesto: End of an Era

Just over two years ago I made the decision to take a unique approach to game publishing. Thus was born The Game Crafter, the first web-to-print game publisher on Earth. Since then thousands of you have proved my concept both useful and viable. 
The Game Crafter has been called "Dream Fulfilling", "Inspiring", "Amazing", and many more wonder full things like those. When we go to conventions we often have teary-eyed fans come up and shake our hands or give us hugs, and say, "Thank You!". I knew there was demand for this service, but I didn't know how much until I started making your games and meeting you in person.
You already know all of this because you are the reason we have been successful. What you may not have known is that The Game Crafter as you know it is just an experiment. That's why you can see the word "beta" on our logo at the top of our site.
Today I'm announcing that the experiment is almost over. We launched the beta service in July of 2009, and in just a few weeks we will release the production version of The Game Crafter, which internally we call TGC2. 

Free Booth Space At Gen Con

As usual, The Game Crafter will be running its booth at Gen Con. However, this year instead of taking your games we're taking you!

Con Sponsorship Wins Again


Toren and crew, of Ice Pack Games are back from Balticon where they promoted a half dozen of their own games, and a bunch of games from other members of the TGC community. Ice Pack Games is the second member of our community to take us up on our offer to sponsor designers to go to small cons around the world.

Improved Con Sponsorship

I've just uploaded the photos Jaime Habel sent me upon his return from Gamicon. Jaime was the first person to accept our Designer Table Sponsorship Program.

Looking For Protospiel South Ambassador

The folks behind Protospiel South have contacted us to be a sponsor. However, we don't like to do sponsorship without representation, so we need someone to act as our ambassador if we're going to sponsor them.

Therefore we're putting together a special version of our Designer Table Sponsorship Program just for Protospiel South.

Check here for complete details:

TGC Designer Sponsorship at Cons

We at The Game Crafter are pleased to announce our Designer Table Sponsorship Program. We are sponsoring a few lucky designers to go to local gaming conventions in their area and promote their games and The Game Crafter service. We will pay for your table at the con, and give you a bunch of nifty TGC wares to outfit it. All you have to do is sign up for the con and run your games at your table! Oh, and tell people about TGC, which you're likely doing anyway.

Christmas Shipping at TGC

I know it seems early to be talking about Christmas, but it's that time of year again. Lots of people will be buying copies of their games for Christmas presents. Why not? They make excellent gifts. However, that will put a bit of a crunch on our production schedule.

We want to make sure that everyone gets their gifts in time for Christmas. To make sure that happens, you must place your order with us no later than December 13th for domestic orders; and December 6th for international orders to ensure that they make it to you by December 23rd.

Major Feature Changes

It's been a while since I blogged about all we've been doing at The Game Crafter. Over the past 2.5 months since we've been open we've made major changes. We've dramatically improved the quality of both prints and cutting. We've implemented a proofing system to help you to make fewer mistakes. We implemented a sell sheets feature so you can more easily promote your games at physical locations like cons and game store. We've implemented cheaper shipping options, and made it easier to browse and search games on the site. And we've implemented more community features like more forums, a wiki, a talent database, karma tracking, etc. Man it seems like we've done a lot. In the last couple of days however, we've done even more and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about it.

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