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New Sanity Tester - Ken Franklin

The Game Crafter - Sanity Tester - Ken Franklin

Please welcome our newest Sanity Tester, Ken Franklin.

Ken has been designing and collecting games for 55 years, and published his first Apple 2 game in 1980. During his 40 years in military, academic and family medicine, he published 5 more titles for desktops and iPhones. He recently retired from medicine to focus on game design. His first tabletop title, “The Mansky Caper,” will be released by Calliope Games this summer.

What is a Sanity Test?

New Game Pieces - 14mm Discs

We now have 14mm Discs in our online parts shop! They are made of wood, measure 14mm x 4mm, and are available in 11 colors at

New Game Pieces - 8mm Wood Cubes - Now 24 Colors Available

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - 8mm Wood Cubes - Now 24 Colors Available!

We have added more colors of 8mm wood cubes and that means we now carry 24 different colors in our shop! Browse our collection at

Quick tutorial for making custom chits

Chris at Mind Flayer Games made a quick tutorial for making custom chits at The Game Crafter. Watch it at

The Game Crafter Official Podcast: Episode 170 - Steve Aramini and The Game Crafter

The game Crafter - The Game Crafter Official Podcast

JT and Jeff get a very specific listener request. So join JT and Jeff in welcoming Steven Aramini to the podcast; by request! Steven has entered and won multiple contests on The Game Crafter. Steven also has several published games under his belt, despite calling himself a designer newbie. Tricky Tides, was a contest winner and will soon be on Kickstarter.

Listen to the podcast at

The Game Crafter Makes 15 Different Types of Custom Playing Cards

The Game Crafter - Make 15 Different Types of Custom Playing Cards at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter can make 15 different types of custom playing cards. All cards are die-cut, have rounded corners, and are printed in full color on both sides. All cards are printed on 12" x 18" sheets of 305gsm black-core card stock (as is used in popular trading card games like Magic: The Gathering), and this gives them a nice texture and good heft. Decks of cards can be any size and they are printed at our facility in Madison, Wisconsin.

Visit for templates and product info

Tutorial Video - How to Make Custom Engraved D6 Dice at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Custom Etched Acrylic Dice are now available at The Game Crafter!

We have a new tutorial video at that shows you how to make your own Custom Engraved D6 Dice at The Game Crafter. You can make either Wood or Acrylic Dice.

This step-by-step video will guide you through the entire process of downloading the template, adding artwork to it, building your game, uploading your files, and completing the purchase. We then ship you your own custom D6 dice!

You can get started by visiting our Custom Engraved Dice help page at

Winner Announced for the Game Pieces Only Challenge

The Game Crafter - Game Pieces Only Challenge - Winner Announced!

We’re pleased to announce that Dungeon Drop ( has won the Game Pieces Only challenge (

The judge fo the contest, Eric Jome, has written up a document explaining how he came to this decision, along with feedback for the other contestants. See it at

S’mores and Meeples Board Game Camp

The Game Crafter is a sponsor of the S’mores and Meeples Board Game Camp. We love this idea and are happy to support it. The event is September 28-30th and you can learn more at

Make Custom Cut Card Stock Components At The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - Now You Can Make Custom Cut Card Stock Components at The Game Crafter!

You can now make fully custom cut card stock components at The Game Crafter! This means you can design your own playing card shapes, miniatures, shards, mats, etc. Need a card with a window? No problem. Need a size we don’t have? No problem, just make your own!

We have 4 different sizes of card stock sheets that you can use to make your custom components. You’ll have to consider how big your custom items will be and how many you need. Here are the four types we offer:

Custom Mini Cardstock

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