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Hook Box Challenge Semi Finalists

The Game Crafter - Hook Box Challenge

There are 129 entries in the Hook Box Challenge! We're glad so many people were inspired by this contest and now it's time to vote on the games you like. TGC community members can vote now at

Benjamin Farahmand Inducted Into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame

Benjamin was inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame because his game, FAZA, won the Big Box Challenge. Congratulations Benjamin! Click to read his full designer interview at:

Crafter Con 2017 - Patrick McNeil: A crash course in graphic design for game designers

The Game Crafter - Crafter Con & Protospiel Madison 2017 - Become a better game designer

Patrick McNeil is a former Interactive Design professor, author of 6 books on web design and currently works as a UX Architect/Researcher.

In the recorded session from Crafter Con 2017, (watch it on youtube at you'll go through a crash course in graphic design that focuses on the fundamental principles of good graphic design and how to apply those in the world of game design. The core focus is on key principles that every designer uses and practical tips for applying them.

Time Barons - Another success story from The Game Crafter Community

The Game Crafter - Time Barons - Another success story from The Game Crafter community

This photo by Eric Martin is a side-by-side comparison of the new WizKids version of Time Barons (Left) and the original self-published version from The Game Crafter.

We’re excited to see another great success story for a game that started out in The Game Crafter community and moved on to an established publisher. Congrats to the designers, Jon Perry and Derek Yu!

Steven Aramini Inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame

Steven Aramini was inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame because his game, Tricky Tides, won the Trick Taker Challenge. Congratulations Steven! His designer interview is below.

Note: The official announcement was posted on our news blog at Read the interview there for all of the photos and links in the article.

Tell us about yourself and how long you’ve been designing games.

Crafter Con 2017 - Bryan Winter: How games are sold at FLGS

Bryan Winter is the owner of "I'm Board", which is one of the most popular FLGS (friendly local game store) in the midwest. In this recorded session from Crafter Con 2017, Bryan covers a broad range of topics about game stores and provides answers to the following questions:

What should go on the box? What themes do well and what doesn’t? What’s a good length of play or number of players to sell at your store? Should you write your own rule book? What do retailers expect from Kickstarted games? All these questions and more will be answered.

Game Design Asset Shop - Overview

Chris from Mindflayer Games gives you a tour of the Game Design Assets Shop at The Game Crafter and then shows how to use the files. The Design Assets Shop is a great place for board game designers to purchase art for their games.

Watch the video on Youtube:

New Game Pieces Available - Transport Trucks

The Game Crafter - New Game Pieces Available: Transport Trucks

New game pieces available! Check out these awesome new Transport Trucks. They come in 4 colors and can hold an 8mm cube in the truck bed. These would make an amazing addition to any pickup and deliver game.

See them here:

Chris Romansky Inducted Into TGC Hall of Fame

The Game Crafter - The Leading Print On Demand Game Publisher

Chris was inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame because his game, 2-Bit Bandits, won the Adventure Challenge. Congratulations Chris! His designer interview and photos are available at

Crafter Con 2017 - JT Smith: Building a mathematical model for your game

This is the first recorded session we've released from Crafter Con 2017! Watch the full session for free at

A mathematical model isn't as scary as it sounds, and it can be one of the best ways to ensure you have a balanced board game. It's also a great way to set starting values for all the components of your game.

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