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Laser Bounce Mint Tin

laser bounce mint tin.jpg

I've produced 5 mint tin versions of Laser Bounce in preparation for the upcoming PAX Australia where it will be part of Collaboratory: a playtesting space for unpublished designs.

I printed the labels on 160gsm paper (which is about as thick as my printer can handle) and superglued them onto the mint tin, which worked quite well. With just the right amount of glue it didn't seep through the paper and sticks firmly.

Arthane: battle simulation

arthane melee_0.gif

This little Giffle Reel shows a simulated battle between two knights for my game Arthane. The idea would be to have a simultaneous action selection and/or action queue mechanics to determine the knights' movements:
- left foot forward
- right foot forward
- sidestep left (but only if leaning right with weight on right foot)
- sidestep right (but only if leaning left with weight on left foot)
- swing weapon towards front of body
- swing weapon back towards side of body
- swing shield to front or to side, etc.

Tumblemine: bigger board with two players


See attached GIF (hopefully the animation works). This is another try with this idea of miners digging through dirt (green discs), collecting gold (yellow discs), letting rocks (grey) fall into the water (blue) which then splashes up. This time there are 2 miners trying to get the gold and trying to outsmart each other, but at this stage the game is not developed enough for anything interesting to happen. But just like a gold miner, I feel that if I keep digging then I'm sure to hit gold!

tumble mine: an idea

tumble mine first draft_0.png

This is just an idea but I think it has potential to become a little game. There's a pool of oil at the bottom of the board (the navy blue cubes) and a stack of rocks above (white cubes) and some soil holding the rocks in place (green cubes). A miner (red meeple) can dig through the soil and cause the rocks to fall into the oil. The rocks sink to the bottom which pushes the oil up. See image.

Game designs in the pipeline

laser bounce cover

This blog entry is to document some game designs I have in the pipeline and just to record some thoughts that can be reflected on later:

i) Laser Bounce [version 2 ready to playtest]: designed for the "1-card game" contest on BGG
I made some big changes to the original design and this is more or less finished now but needs more playtesting (don't they all), especially to figure out the best power output of the laser guns (which is 3 in the current rules). That contest closes July 30.

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