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Pocket Sports Golf '15 (more than a night out with Robert Allenby)


Pocket Sports Golf '15 is back in its latest evolution with more action than Tiger Woods gets on tour!

We always aim to keep games fresh and improving and Pocket Sports has spent time at the 19th hole coming up with a few changes. A tough solo or multiplayer game before is now even tougher.

Pocket Sports Basketball '15 (the new edition:)


Basketball '15 - All Star action release date August 15, 2015

BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA! Pocket Sports Basketball '15 will be amongst the new games only a couple of weeks away!

While the game play remains similar, we've made some tweaks and adjustments to make this already A game into an A+ game!

Firstly, some of the shot names players will attempt have changed to make commentating fresh and unique for the new edition. The Point Guard position now has an uncontested shot to speed up scoring and push up team and individual game totals (if you're tracking that kind of stuff :)

Ice Ice Baby - Hockey is confirmed for release

Ice Hockey has been confirmed as one of the new Pocket Sports games currently scheduled for August release. It joins Cycling and Gridiron (which will probably be called Football to please the Nth American market) as the three new games that include cards.

Believe it or not, Ice Hockey was first planned for release back in 2013, after Aussie Rules. It has been sitting patiently while other titles made their way to the front of the production line, and I can confidently say the wait has improved the game.

Lay a brick on me


Fetishes aside....I'm talking about new packaging for Pocket Sports and new 12 game BRICKS of solid, sporty delights.

*Note to self....choose better descriptors.

If you haven't noticed, I'm going through a re-packaging exercise for new games late in H2.

I've always sold wholesale in boxes of 30 games. While it suits larger stores and helps me move bulk stock, it's also a large order for first time stockists who haven't experienced the soul cleansing goodness of Pocket Sports.

So the smaller, entry sized brick for new tuck box packaging, lays a great foundation.

Say it isn't so.....!


Now Aussie Rules or Cycling may not appeal to many folks here...but if these concept card don't tickle a Nth American's love of beer, toques and hockey.....then you're an imposter :)

I'd love some feedback / design comments on these. Not confirmed, Pocket Sports Hockey may have resurfaced!

Cubes will track goals. Rather than using a timer or stopwatch, the first team to score 6 goals (or whatever you nominate) wins.

Power Play durations last until a goal is scored or 3 Saves or missed shots (turnovers) are accrued.

Pocket Sports Football - that pigskin kind......


One post for today.....I swear

Prototype demo for Gridiron / Football - art for cards will be spruced up but the dice look and feel great!

Pocket Sports Cycling Tour dice game


Prototype done - there'll be some changes to card artwork but all components look nice and the game will be going ahead....soon....Only thing missing is the dice bag.

Footy 15 - ready for kick off


I had to post these. DHL have broken all the rules and delivered on a SUNDAY. I couldn't believe it, but I'm very happy they did!

I still have the pro order price up for this game until tomorrow!

8000 dice to pack.....that's Sunday afternoon covered then!

Highway to the danger wait...Red Zone!


Pocket Sports Football (yes, it's the American kind of football this time) has been building momentum for a few months now. While it's still in the final playtesting phase, it's coming together to be a new level of game!

You all know we make dice games. The minimalist approach to not having boards or bits & pieces has been slowly blurring the lines as we create new games with exciting new mechanics.

Pocket Sports Surfing Tour - first look

As I continue to work on Gridiron & Cycling, I dusted off a game I had started on some time ago. Surfing is a huge sport and has thriving culture and big name sponsors.

So how does surfing translate into a Pocket Sports dice game?

Sticking with our (light) game format it has 6 custom made dice. This game has a little push you luck, with 'surfers' having a choice of wave, choice of entering the risky 'tube' and special abilities through collecting sponsors.

The game is played over a world tour with 6 events. The combined total score after all events will determine the winner.

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