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Toy Fair 2015 short report

I've just returned from exhibiting at the Toy, Hobby & Licensing Fair in Melbourne and I've written a short blog post about it.!2015-Toy-Fair-wrap/c1ghd/54fa5c820cf2458597770153

I thought I had a lot of ideas in my head before going, I need to make room for more!

Pocket Sports - GridIron


Another couple of prototype team cards for Pro Mode specialized plays

Counters out - cards in


I had been working on team counters for the two new games (Gridiron & Cycling) for specialized moves/plays to enhance both games.

The idea was to include a set of 6 tokens for 1 team in each game when sold. Then if people liked to collect teams, they could purchase the others on the website.

Kickstarter? Is it time to join the bandwagon?


With our recent big batch of new games only on the market for a month, it's time to look forward again to the next lot. The experience of producing the recent six latest games taught a few lessons I will apply for future publishing.

Having pre-order options and supporters who took up the discounted price was certainly a great indicator people like our games. A few delays and unforeseen hiccups arise in any large production but all in all it was a success. I'm still packing the last of the 48,000 dice!

Pocket Sports Baseball


Working on some new games/ideas, while waiting for NEW games to arrive mid Jan.....

I've had a PnP version for Baseball up on BGG for a short time now, but this flow chart might help for a speedy pick up on the game play.

I tend to make games up in Excel first, then transfer over to a dice map with words on die faces.

I won't post the rules, you can find on the BGG game entry

Pocket Sports Rugby - New Edition


I'm as eager as everyone for the new games to arrive at the end of the month. The New Edition Rugby has had a quick turnaround from originally being published as Pocket Rugby League in May, transforming into a hybrid version with both League & Union rules for our UK distributors and now as a solid Rugby Union game.

There's obviously a larger market for Union and with the World Cup 2015 next year, I had to spice up the original game to include all the nuances Rugby fans want.

Pocket Boxing - canvas kissing *light* boxing sim


Yes - Pocket Sports is bobbing and weaving into this 9th game design!I'd love some feedback or playtesters to run this puppy through a few rounds...You can simply use a D6 to play beta version...or PnP and stick on dice.

Pocket Boxing Rules

The game is fast, fun and exciting. Suitable for one or two players. A pen & paper is all you need to keep track of damage, knock downs and rounds. 3 minute rounds for 5 rounds

3 dice represent a different style of fighter you may choose. There’s also a die for your defense, a die for injuries and a die for ‘initiative’

Video intro for Pocket Rugby

Here it is - the teaser!

Game 6 & 7 a few weeks away

New game bags

Hi -If any of you have been following our indie sports dice (sim) games since we released the award winning Pocket Cricket in 2010 - we'll be releasing Pocket Rugby & Pocket Basketball in May.

This will bring our game total to 7 games + a handful of variation custom sets we've also made!

We've mostly focused on sports popular in Australia, but Pocket Basketball will be the first of 4 games aimed at the Nth American market with Ice Hockey, Baseball and American Football all ready to go....

Pocket Rugby edges closer to the try line

I've had a bunch of requests for us to make a Rugby League's the most popular sport in this area and has a huge following in Queensland. I've been tinkering around with an idea for some months but had troubles figuring out gaining meters on the field.

It wasn't until last week it dawned on me not to worry about all the intricacies that Rugby League entails, and keep the game simple and fun with plenty of chances to score points.

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