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New game ideas for Pocket Sports

Well we've got Basketball lined up for this first half of 2014.

There's always a struggle to have a dice game that appeals to the broad market (as in not having any particular history of boardgame preferences) and the forums like this where I come to get feedback from fellow designers.

There's always the issue of strategy vs all you do is roll the dice. That really is the market I'm aiming at. Roll, do, complete. The more 'depth' I try to add, push the broader market away, in my opinion.

Expanding the range

So what happens after you make a game, go through the baptism of fire and eventually sell a few thousand copies?

Is expanding the product range the next evolutionary step?

Pocket Sports, as the name suggest, is calling for that very thing. For the first year and a bit, we sold Pocket Cricket. It did fairly well but like any sport, it's seasonal. Sales dry up for most of the year until it gets back into Cricket season and Christmas time.

Pocket Sports - dice games and breaking into the industry

No better place than here to start a blog

I'm an Aussie games designer, or have become one after releasing Pocket Cricket. It's a cool little cricket game that uses dice to play a quick One Day cricket match. I'd never aspired to be in the boardgames business or thought I coul d be a games designer - that label just sort of comes if you publish something I guess.

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