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I'm just happy.. I got a re-order from Indie Press Revolution, as they're down to 6 units (out of 48 originally sent). 10% of my new print run is spoken for :)

Oh, in other news that nobody cares about, I got a new job in a new city, and I'll be unlikely to design many more new games in the future just because (I hope) I'll be too busy and engaged at the office. I do still need to finish writing Ice & Flame, of course, since I already Kickstarted it :)

Ice & Flame RPG

My new expansion set

Hopefully capitalizing on my recent sales success, I'm launching a new Heroes & Treasure expansion Kickstarter next week, titled Ice & Flame.

There is a lot of "Fire & Ice" out there and some "Frost & Flame" (which I do love as a name), and even a very obscure song about "Ice & Fire", but "Ice & Flame" is pretty rare.

Anyway, if anyone would like to follow along, the pre-launch page is:

In distribution!

I'm happy to say Heroes & Treasure is now being sold through Indie Press Revolution, which will help get it into game stores once there are game stores open again.. They sell online too, though.

Purveyors of fine role playing games for the discriminating adventurer.

Dice, sigh

I'm doing a second printing of Heroes & Treasure, and the colored blank dice which were in stock when I did the first printing are no longer in stock.

Which means I have to either print 10k dice at a time (per color), or get hit with a $60 (per color) charge for the creation.

Just one of those things I didn't really budget for. I decided to do 10k of one color and 5k of each the other colors, which will give me enough dice in storage to make an additional 1500-unit run in the future, should I be successful enough to warrant that.

H&T: Arena, the Kickstarter Page

Not positive I can still share this in the same way, but my Kickstarter is "almost live". In around 2 weeks, I think.

It looks like this preview thing still works on the site.. if anyone cares or wants to tell me how awful the page is, feel free:

I haven't done the video yet, but it'll be in the same style as my previous two... which means I sit my youngest daughter down and let her talk. Probably needs a little more graphical content as well.

Getting some new artwork

H&T Arena Box Sketch

I can probably edit this post as I go to include new artwork as it evolves.. Maybe nobody here cares, but I always like getting artwork :)

My game's box will 4" x 6" (or just slightly larger, to accommodate an A6 rule book). That's not a lot of space!

Heroes & Treasure: Arena — prototype

Heroes & Treasure Arena prototype pic_0.jpg

Decided to order a couple of prototype decks from The Game Crafter. Not bad! Cost me about $40 for two sets, shipped.

(that's 108 cards, 20 crystals, 20 chips, and an unprinted box)

I had my artist do some work last month.. she gave me some crystal images and several card borders. The cards were created in NANDeck, which exported appropriately sized PNGs, which were imported into TGC directly.

My daughter had an appropriately excited reaction when she saw the blue crystals, so that's good.

Heroes & Treasure: Arena -- card game rules

Heroes & Treasure Arena, Heal Spell.png

This is a combat card game in the style of M:tG / Pokemon / etc., but aimed at ages 6 and up (basic readers). This is obviously not final.. I'm using this to organize stuff that needs to be organized.

The overall plot idea is that, within my Heroes & Treasure world, there's an event like the Olympics, where teams come and compete across species/enemy lines.

Every seven years, the tribes of Goblins hold a grand combat tournament, where generals face off against each other one on one, bringing in creatures and spells to defeat their opponent.

A card game

So, I'm thinking about a card game.

I have the basic design done, and I was playing a few early rounds with my 6yo a few months ago, until suddenly my "Darkness & Light" Kickstarter funded and I had to change priorities.

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