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Uncertain Shades


A while back, I had posed a question about using different shades of card backs to indicate risk for a game. seen on this thread:

I've actually followed through with testing and refining it, and am so excited to say it is both the simplest and most fun game I think I have made yet.

The setup is easy: give a starting hand of three specific cards to each player, and shuffle the remaining of the 104 card deck in the center.

Each turn players

Play Window Pains on TTS

Window Pains is available on Table Top Simulator's Workshop for free as of now!

I hope you can enjoy it with someone from a distance now.

Tabletop Simulator

I just got tabletop simulator tonight, and in about an hour I now have a functional version of Window Pains. Why didn't I get this earlier? I can't wait to see if I can improve the user experience or try it out online with someone.

Does anyone want feedback on their prototype? I can now check it out


Window Pains 4p End

Window Pains 4 Player Edition

Window Pains 4P Setup

I'm glad to say the 4 player version looks great, and plays exactly the same (except with better pacing) as the 2 player game.

Boy are rules more tricky to write then I expected. I think I am too familiar with my game. Its such a small game that it only deserves one page of rules.

Here: have some pictures!

Open world arcade

I am glad to say that exhibiting Window Pains at the open world event went really well. The museum shop sold out of the copies they asked for, and I got a lot of very positive feedback. The 40 percent markup seemed appropriate, and I should learn to valuey games.

My favorite point was when someone I taught the game to came back, and they taught their friend, who insisted on buying the game for the next time they are stuck at the airport.

The whole thing inspired me to finish up the 4 player version I was in the process of making. I can't wait to see the prototype next month!

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