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Generic plastic/wood game pieces you can buy for prototypes

Generic plastic/wood game pieces you
can buy for prototypes
(or for full production?)

Many game designers need 3D pieces to use in their prototypes, and some game publishers may want to make games with 3D pieces yet are not prepared to create custom components.

Categorizing Board and Card Games by Use?

Those who have read this blog for a long time know that I am a categorizer. I try to organize things into categories in order to better to understand them and their relationships to each other. Recently it’s occurred to me that within the context of a game club meeting or even a smaller game session, different games have different uses, they fit into the session in different ways.

PrezCon 2014

The first game convention I attended after my long hiatus from the hobby was PrezCon 2004. I used to go alternate years but I’ve been going consistently at the end of February for several years now.

January 2014 Miscellany

Thoughts about some game-related topics that are not long enough for separate blog posts.

A survey about preferred topics for game- (usually game design-) related online classes

After writing a book about game design ("Game Design", McFarland, 2012), I've been spending a lot of time creating online audiovisual classes, as that seems to be where people want to go to learn. This survey at Surveymonkey will guide where I go next.

I supported a Kickstarter project!?

I expect that the new edition of Britannia (perhaps multiple versions) will show up on Kickstarter sooner or later, as the majority of publishers now use it.
I have not been a KS denizen in the past, not being cursed with the desire for Instant Gratification and not feeling a need to participate from the ground up.

What is a “sweep of history” game?

I just started a community on Google+ ( for "sweep of history" games, so it's reasonable to work out a rough definition “sweep of history game” (also called “fast forward history” games)

Quotes related to Game Design (but not specifically about it)

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Another form, about Japanese gardening actually, is "Your garden is not complete until there is nothing else that you can remove."

This is my guide to game design, but I do not design puzzles. When you design a puzzle you may want to make it more complex, so that it will take longer to solve.

Online game design course now open

My book-length audio visual course "Learning Game Design" now open. $10 off coupon ($39 instead of $49):

Consultants, Evaluators, and Agents

Not long ago someone wrote to me out of the blue and offered to pay me to act as a consultant to evaluate his tabletop game. He’d read my book “Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish.” He had been working on his game - I assume a tabletop game in the circumstances - for 20 years

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