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Ravenhall's Town Crier #9

Here is the new prototype for the Town Crier. Clearly, it is not complete, but it's a good preview of the new format. We've been a bit busy with the kickstarter campaign, making the game with the manufacturer, and working on the website, but at least we got a bit of a preview done. (It's not on our website because it's under construction). Check it out!


FUNDED! 48 Hours to Go!

Headhunter has Funded! and is sitting at 107%. We have now entered the final 48 hours! If you are interested in getting in on the action, now is the time :)

Thank you all for helping and supporting us!


Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from history is LIVE!

Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from history 2nd Ed. is live on Kickstarter! We would appreciate it if you would check it out!

Thanks! :)


Headhunter Campaign and Game Update

For those interested in our game Headhunter and the progression of our project:

We recently promoted our first product, Headhunter, through a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s an update on its status, plus some exciting news!

First, Headhunter will not fund on Kickstarter. We abandoned early on our pursuit of this because soon after our launch, we were contacted by a private investor who is now funding our base project. So, we have canceled our campaign.

Ravenhall's Town Crier Monthly Highlight #8

Some Town Crier News???

We are considering a few changes to the Crier. Check out the latest edition here!

Don't forget to check out our Headhunter Campaign!!


How do you play Headhunter?

How do you play Headhunter? Check out the video below!

Like what you see? Check out our kickstarter page!

Thank you!


Headhunter is LIVE!

Headhunter is Live!

Our Game Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History is LIVE on Kickstarter! We would love for your to check out the campaign page, and learn all about the game!

A big THANK YOU to all of our supporters and those who have helped get the game this far!

-Legends of Ravenhall

Ravenhall's Town Crier Monthly Highlight #7

Here is the monthly Town Crier highlight. (Notice our bias and excitement for our upcoming game Headhunter on Kickstarter)



Headhunter Kickstarter Announcement

Hello All,

Ravenhall's Town Crier Monthly Highlight #6

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