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for prototyping I use some normal tools and some extra stuff, here is a short list:

- cricut maker
- dahle A3 cutting machine
- canon pixma printer (cheap and new)

for material I have bought a lot of small stuff from ebay or aliexpress:

- 6 sided dice 12mm in several colors
- 6 sided blanc dice 12m in several colors
- sets of dice with 4 up to 8 sides
- sticker
- wooden cubes 10mm in several colors

EDIT (30.01.2021)
- also bought a 1000 chip poker case (secound hand) and still not used
- pearls in cube shapes (other shape) are quite cheap

First Blog Entry - actual status of game designs/prototyping


this is my new blog about my game ideas and the actual status of these ideas.

In the last years I have made a view prototypes, which are not complete:

- a Bomberman like game (2018)
- a big game with 3 different races any player could control, base building and allot going on (2016)

complete and playtested prototype:

- a arena combat game, using painting for movement and action programming, project: "Mage Wars Arena" (2017, still in progress)

actual working on:
- a game using double sided memory cards, for building magic trinkets (2019)

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