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Tradewars - Homeworld: Publication (3x)

Well I have finally received news from the Publisher we had contacted for "Tradewars - Homeworld" (WIP). It was good to receive some news about our rulebook and artwork. After four (4) months, we received excellent feedback:

-They are interested in the game and want to play prototypes!

They also said that our preliminary artwork was "Great"... Of course we are happy that this particular Publisher is interested mainly because they deal with Card games.

Our game is also a Card game with dice and wooden parts. The game has a Player mat but NO board.

Legendary Souls: Races and Crystals

Okay I figured with the help that I have gotten with the RPS-9, I would share the list of Crystals/Units that the game will have.

Note: This will be *ALL* of them, some of them may not appear in the First Edition: "Crystal Heroes" (which will be comprised of 90 Crystals...)

Human - Holy


High Elves - Life


Tradewars - Homeworld: TO DO list

I figured I'd post up what needs editing in the current rulebook (version 0.09a). This is sort of a reminder to myself and a little bit of a sneak peek into what all these prototypes are all about (the type of changes).

So these are the changes that must be done for the latest rulebook:

  • Trade Starships may *defend* a Homeworld
  • Trade Starships use one (1) white d6 for the amount of turns (for reward)
  • No more Starship Abilities (Tactic cards instead)
  • Tactic cards used as *Instants* that can be played anytime

Tradewars - Homeworld: Playtesting (4x)

On Sunday of this week (2 March), I will be testing a combination of corrections (#9 and #10). These two (2) corrections have a new feel to the game, especially with a focus back on trading and earning/unlocking starships.

I have the corrections for version #11 already on the way from The Game Crafter (TGC)... I should hopefully have them near the end of next week.

The Offensive Band Name Generator

I am going to *shamelessly* plug Robert Burke's "The Offensive Band Name Generator" (TOBNG).

TOBNG is a *party* game for people who like music. It's also for people who have dirty minds and like laughing over some light-hearted comedy... I recently purchased a copy based on the successful Kickstarter for the game.

If you find the reviews interesting and like the concept, here is the The Game Crafter (TGC) link for the game:

Tradewars - Homeworld: Starship abilities

Another aspect of the game that I am *examining* is "Startship abilities". Way back, in an earlier prototype, there used to be a fifth (5th) pile players could draw cards from. This pile had cards with "special abilities" which would boost your starship in some fashion.

Examples could be "Firepower +1" or "Resistance +2" and even "Roll the initiative dice twice."

Quest Adventure Cards - Second Edition: Nebulous

I have been thinking about creating a TGC (The Game Crafter) edition of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)", The First Edition. The game would be priced at $30.00 + Shipping. In the US that would amount to a savings of about 25% (less another 15% if you include taxes which is a total of 40% off!!!)

Tradewars - Homeworld: Publication (2x)

Although at the moment I am still waiting for a response from a publisher, I have begun searching for another *match* in terms of what I feel I am looking for in a publisher.

By accident, I have found another *small* publisher which may also be in line with what I am looking for. I will be waiting for about 1 more month to get a response from the current publisher and if we get no response, we will inevitably move on to another publisher.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Trade starships

I have been *thinking* (obviously consciously and subconsciously) about *Trade starships*. As I post responses to various topics, in the back of my mind, I am thinking about *Trade starships* and how they are not being used much...

Tradewars - Homeworld: Various Roles

One thing that I have been thinking about are certain in-game roles that are *less* used. Specifically there are three (3) roles that seem to be superfluous in a two (2) player dual.

The three (3) roles are:

1. Chancellor
2. Engineer
3. Soldier

Let's examine each one of these roles to de-mystify them...

1. Chancellor

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