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Tradewars - Homeworld: Pacing of the game

Hi all,

Well I just wanted to post an update regarding the most recent playtest I did with *The Derelict* scenario. The Derelict scenario is a single player scenario that can be played alone without any other players. The main reason for testing this scenario is because it is rather good at demonstrating the "pacing of the game".

Here are the conclusions of the playtest:
1-Only 8 (4x level 5, 2x level 4, 2x level 3) cards were purchased from the upgrade piles. This seems low since the player relies heavily on the original 10 cards given to them at the starting. This is NOT good.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Latest changes

Hi all,

Well I'm back after a short hiatus from posting on these forums, I am finally able to post an update in regards to my current endeavor. So last time I talked about needing to "Speed up the game" after a long 2 hour play session with a friend.

So let's get to the changes:

1-Lowered the "buy" cost of cards: cards are now cheaper to purchase from your deck (ranging from 10 qS to 50 qS).

Tradewars - Homeworld

Hi all,

I figured I post a *Blog entry* to update my status on my Deck-Building game entitled "Tradewars - Homeworld".

A first prototype was designed and very quickly it came to be that this prototype was unplayable because there were too many cards. The total amount of cards was a whooping 158!

So I sat up one night trying to see what could be done to reduce the number of cards and still have an entertaining game. The conclusion I came to was to use BOTH sides of the card: one side was resources and the other was starship models, crews, weaponry and missions.

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - The Second Edition

So it's been months of playing around with various game ideas and game mechanics. It almost feels like an entire year! We have made a complete overhaul of Quest. The First Edition, with all it's quirks and oddities, is soon to be a matter of the past.

The Second Edition of Quest AC is rather elegant...

We listened to our players and we hope to come out with a more solid product. So here is what is new:

A future framework

Well everyone dreams and hopes that their game gains traction in the market. Subjectively success is driven by the volume of sales. However unlike traditional games which are one time efforts, we (and I hope others may be interested) are opening our framework to the world.

Rather than thinking in terms of an application, we are focusing on building on our existing success and move to a broader market.

Although we do have online sales of our current edition, we are looking far ahead and saying: "We have a vision of the future."

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